Why DIY Gutter Installation is a Bad Idea

repairing roof gutter

Gutters may not appear impressive, but they play an irreplaceable role in a home: they prevent foundation damage by directing rainwater away. Whether you are looking for replacement or new seamless gutter installation, the cost will vary depending on many factors. One of them is based on whether you perform the job alone or hire professional installers. Looking at the labor costs, it might be tempting to do the job yourself. Why would you even opt for a professional while Pinterest and the likes have all the tips you need to complete the project. Some people have these types of notions. Why a display of skills is fine, the online gurus fail to highlight some mistakes that may come to haunt those that undertake the projects following those tips. Here are a few common mistakes that may make you change your mind.

Creating the Best Downspouts

A keen eye will always tell the difference between the work of a novice and that of a professional concerning a gutter system. For instance, a dry end of the gutter suggests that the water is going elsewhere; something is wrong with the downspout. Downspouts are crucial to the system as they take water away from the foundation. If you do not want the risk of damaged foundation or a wrecked landscape, you would sacrifice little money now by hiring a professional installer. They will install the correct number of downspouts to prevent water clogging on the gutters and so forth.

Making the Proper Pitch

Man Cleaning Gutters on Ladder

The gradual slope of gutters is important for the water to dispel to the downspouts and the ground. Chances are that you are not conversant with leveling devices and calculations that achieve the necessary slope from one end to another. While DIY videos may demonstrate the process as simple, you can be sure that only practice and training gets one to those levels. Professional installers are not flawless in the exercise out of one day’s exposure. It takes a lot of errors and rectifications to master the art. Unless you want to spend a lot of time on it and probably lose some materials, an expert best handles this aspect.

Using the Ladder

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons estimates that of the 500,000 ladder-related cases, 97% are home-based. If you are not trained on working at heights, the risk of falling off a ladder and sustaining serious injuries is rife. That is why you need a professional seamless gutter installation for your home. A contractor has the requisite skills and tools to avoid awry instances. Let them handle the job, as they have been in these situations numerous times.

Gutter Support

Properly installed brackets hold the gutters firmly in place, even in times of storms. Installation standards cover many aspects, including the spacing between brackets and bracket type for a particular gutter. If you get any of these details wrong, sagging or even falling off may ensue.

In most cases, premature gutter problems are results of poor workmanship, especially involving DIY work. For reliability of the system, cost savings and personal safety, consider leaving the job to the professionals.




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