Time to Stop Ignoring Your Floor

wooden flooring in a home studio

When you are doing interior decor, the floor deserves major consideration. You can use it to inject the tone of the room. It can also be a wonderful conversation piece if you incorporate the right ideas. With so many options, including wood floor, tile, vinyl, among others, you will never run short of ideas. Let’s explore some trends you can take advantage of to bring your floor to life below.

Take Advantage of the Trends

One thing that we can promise you is that you will never get bored when it comes to flooring. You can be as creative as you want using the available trends. Such looks include the classic, shaker, industrial, retro among others.

Forget Concrete Use Vinyl for an Industrial Look

The industrial theme in interior decor became big in 2014 and has found its place in flooring. The industrial look incorporates the use of a lot of concrete. Now you can combine it with vinyl to warm up space and give it a much softer look. Vinyl will also allow you to get creative in regard to contrast, patterns, and colours, among others. You get so many designs and can customize as for what you want.

Ceramic Tiles with Patterns for a Retro Look

The retro look is coming back and will work well with most of your interior decor pieces. Use tile tools online to source for different tiles. There is so much versatility when it comes to tiles that you will never run out of creative ways to apply them. Whether you go for neutral colours or geometric designs, you have an open playing field. Best of all you can use them in any part of the house to make your floor stand out.

Monochrome Tiles Are Excellent for the Classic Look

Think about grand homes in Europe, and you will have a good understanding of the Classic Style. Match this with dark wood furniture to bring out that traditional heritage. Combine black and white or grey and cream to bring out different style Aspects in the different rooms. Borrow a leaf from Italy and Spain by using coloured tiles for that Mediterranean Twist

Bring The Shaker Style To Your Home with Reclaimed Flooring

Wooden floors continue to be very popular in many homes. They are attractive, and add a warm element to any interior decor style. Reclaimed wood is beneficial to the environment. You will also get a unique floor that you will not find in another home. If you have a melancholic romantic bone in your body, this is a look to go for. Go crazy on the type of textures so that you get a distinctive pattern.

Add Colour with Parquet Flooring

livining room with parquet flooring

If you have a bold streak, parquet floors will allow you to express yourself well. For a truly bold look, do the whole room in different colours. If not, combine the parapet with a wood floor for a unique look.

Interior decor would not be complete without a statement piece floor. Whether you are using concrete, vinyl, or tiles, there is so much variety to consider. You can play with designs, textures, and colours to get a truly unique floor.




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