What to Do When Life Throws You the Disability Lemon

Man in wheelchair

You were born able-bodied and learned to do everything independently. You didn’t need to get help for the most basic everyday tasks–until life threw you a curveball. It could be an accident or a hereditary disease rendering you disabled, and now you can’t do everything by yourself.

Does this mean your life has ended? That doesn’t have to be the case if you rise to the challenge and don’t let this setback hold you down.

Easier Said than Done

Of course, it’s easier to encourage someone to be as productive as they once were than be the one doing it. You might find it hard to get out of bed each day when you have to think about all the favors you need to ask of other people. It helps that there are ramps for persons with disabilities, and many online sites are working on being friendly to the impaired, but the day-to-day navigation could be causing you the most trouble.

You don’t need to look at yourself as a weak and helpless individual just because you can’t clean your house by yourself. There are home cleaning, window cleaning, or even cleaning service providers in Draper, Utah. If non-disabled individuals who are busy with work can hire people for these tasks, you can too. They are perfect for tasks that might be dangerous or taxing for you to do by yourself.

Don’t Let Yourself Go

There are a lot of persons with disabilities who have been able to defy the odds because they understand the power of positive thinking. Athletes, keynote speakers, and even coaches thrive despite their limitations. You can be one of them if you can hold your hand and be your support system. Your life might be dark, but don’t turn it darker by swimming in pessimism. Challenge yourself to prove other people wrong and get rid of those looks of pity by doing what everyone else can do.

It will be hard to start, and you might fail at first, but no significant change happens overnight. You need to work hard just like everyone else, and you’ll reap the rewards just like everyone else.

Embrace Your Present

Disabled Man On Wheelchair

It’s hard to move on when you’re stuck in the past. It’s time to stop wishing this is a nightmare you’ll wake up from; every minute you spend living in the past and hating your present situation is another minute you’re not loving yourself and moving forward. Your present is where you should be, and though it’s not perfect, you can make it better. Talk to home renovation experts to make everything in your home accessible despite your limitations, and go to a therapist to help you build your confidence. Stay in touch with your doctors if your condition is not permanent, and even if it is, staying connected will mean you’re first to know of advancements that might help your life moving forward.

You’ve been dealt a bad hand, but don’t give up on yourself. Live your days invested in self-improvement, and avoid thinking you’re any less than everyone else.




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