Next-Home Prep: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding Floor Plans

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It’s one of those elements in a home that’s so subtle, yet can’t be overlooked: floor plans. It’s a very crucial detail because it impacts the way you use the space, and thus the manner you live your lifestyle. The thing is, when you look at Pinterest boards or Google searches, there are so many floor plans to choose from. How do you settle on something that would work for you and your family? If you’re not sure yet, here are some questions you can start asking yourself to home in on the right floor plan:

What’s not working in my current house?

To start on the right foot, begin with the ‘wrongs’. What is it in the layout of your present home that you don’t like very much? Do you feel like your living room isn’t big enough to hold guests? Do you think there are too many rough corners and walls? Is there a lack of privacy in areas that should have? Or is there too much seclusion? Knowing what you’re missing in your current space will help you filter through your options because you’re aware already which mistakes you shouldn’t repeat in your next home. You’ll strike out that house that has a closed floor plan because you know you’re looking for an airy feel in the space. Or, you’ll be able to communicate more clearly to your builder which styles they should veer away from. So take a tour at your home and jot down the things that you dislike about its layout. Snap some pictures, if necessary.

Life like after five to 10 years?

Of course, you can’t know for sure what you’re going to do in the future, but you certainly can estimate what you’ll be doing by then. Maybe you already have three kids. Or the children would have already gone out of the family house. Perhaps an ill in-law may move in with you. Or your husband has retired already and would want to go back to some hobbies they enjoyed before. Imagine what’s life like in five to 10 years, because that will dictate how you’re going to use the space. That will help you decide on the floor plan that will work for your specific lifestyle. If you’re thinking about building your home, ask your contractor to show you a variety of model houses for different types of lifestyles so you can better envision your use of space in the next few years. In Townsville, new homes are being built every day by reputable builders, so you might want to check those out.

What’s your lot like?

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If you indeed choose the build option, remember that the lot where the house will be built will be the foundation of your floor plan. As in, literally. A lot of your floor plan decisions will be based on it. For instance, the size and orientation of the lot will affect the arrangement of the rooms and the square footage you’ll allocate for each space. Additionally, you may have to consider setback requirements, which will again affect the space you’ll have for the interior layout. In case your lot is facing a great view, then this should also be included in how you place windows and doors and how you control the natural light. The bottom line is, you need to think about your lot, its good and bad points, in your floor plan.

Choices, Choices, Choices

It’s never an easy decision settling on a particular floor plan. But with these questions, hopefully, you’re going to find the decision-making a lot less stressful. All the best!




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