Overhauling Your Company Office Setup? Consider These Ideas

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Workplace dynamics are changing. Employees want more freedom and flexibility nowadays and are more aware of their rights. They want to have a better, open, and more collaborative relationship with their colleagues and boss. They also want to have a say about where and how their workspace should look like. After all, they spend a chunk of their day in it, so both of you can make money.

What your office looks like speaks a lot about your company identity, human resource policies, and workforce productivity. Think your office needs a makeover to be in line with your brand or be more conducive to work? Whether you’re a decades-old firm that’s looking to rebrand or a fledgling startup, your office can benefit tremendously from good design (or redesign). Here are some ideas that you can consider:

Private workspaces

Gone were the days of the open office environment. While effective in improving office communications, it actually has proven otherwise for productivity. In addition, as workplaces have become more aware that not one worker is the same and can benefit at all from an open office set-up (i.e., some are extroverts, others are not), it only makes sense to allot private workspaces for workers that will serve as their own productive, personal space. Consider cubicles that block others’ view of one’s workstation to increase productivity. Cubicles don’t have to be the usual, boring ones. They can come in avant-garde styles, too.


Providing a cozy, home-like space for workers can lessen their stress levels. It doesn’t have to be boring: homes can be quirky too. Mix and match patterns, textiles, lighting, and wall decors to evoke the feeling of being in a home. Or, you can create dining or common spaces that give a vibe of a more relaxed and informal environment. These places will give employees a chance to interact with their colleagues, and just generally relax and forget about work for a minute.

Upcycled furniture

Using upcycled office furniture is not only good for the environment, but it also gives your employees the impression that you care about conserving resources. If you are looking for some upcycled office furniture, Salt Lake City has a couple of good companies that offer refurbished office furniture. If you prefer to use your existing furniture, upcycling them can also be a fun way to get your employees involved. They can help out in reconstructing some furniture or painting them with a new wash of color. Make it a fun, team building-slash-barbecue party while you’re at it.


Plants in the office

It is likely that you have a plant “mom” or “dad” among your staff, so why not consider adding plants in your office. Plants are a great productivity booster; not only do they clean the air — according to science, they are also good for mental health and can boost productivity by 15 percent. This doesn’t mean though that you should turn your office into a garden or tropical rainforest. One plant is actually enough to serve as a decorative item and stressbuster, but then you can always have more.

Redesigning your office space shouldn’t take most of your budget, time and manpower. But if you want the returns to be greater than the initial investment, make sure to consider any of the aforementioned tips. Good luck!




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