No Overhaul: 3 Simple Design Tweaks That Will Make Your Space ‘New’


It’s a feeling almost any homeowner can relate to: the decorating itch. There’s that urge to do something different in your space, even though there’s nothing wrong in it. In fact, you’re happy with it. You feel relaxed in it. But there are just those times when you want something new to look at. The good news is, you can scratch that decorating itch without spending big bucks or tearing down walls. With these few simple design tweaks, you can make your space looking like it’s brand new:

Change your window treatments.

Window treatments do a lot in design. They serve as a backdrop. They offer or obstruct views. They open up the space. They can even change the vibe of the room. That’s why when you make the change in this subtle detail in your room, you’ll find a big difference. So if you’ve been looking at the same curtains for months, swap them for new sheets. Perhaps one with a different color or a new pattern. Or, you can also change window treatments completely. From curtains, switch to shutters or blinds. The only thing you need to remember here is the overall theme of the room. Even though window treatments are used as accents, you still need to match their material, hue, or design to the existing features in the space.

Upgrade your rugs.

new rugs

Like window treatments, any change in your rugs will make a big difference in the visual appeal, as well as the function of the room. Why is that so? Well, rugs add a certain personality to the space, as it gives more depth and a new texture. Plus, they define the different zones in a room. That said, add rugs to anchor certain areas or replace them to change the feel of the place. If your room doesn’t have that much energy or visual interest, go for a rug that has a bold color or graphic pattern. But if your room needs a bit of relaxation and calmness, then choose something that has a solid earth tone. Remember that rugs aren’t just for living rooms. Don’t neglect giving your kitchens, dining areas, and bathrooms some rug lovin’.

Find a new focal point.

If you’ve been looking at the same fireplace for years in your living room, perhaps the change you need is a new star of the room. Paint one portion of your wall with a deep, dark hue or a bright, flashy one to transform it into an accent wall. You may also get new statement furniture, say, a chaise lounge or a wingback chair. In the kitchen, maybe you can shift the attention from the kitchen island to the cabinets and cupboards. A simple spruce up on color or hardware can emphasize these fixtures. Draw inspiration from furniture showrooms in Salt Lake City. Kitchen cabinets there has a range of styles that can complement any design, traditional, minimalist, eclectic, or whatnot. Once you decide on a new element to highlight, re-orient the furniture and fixtures towards that focal point to emphasize it further.

Small Tweaks That Make Big Difference

You don’t have to do an overhaul of the house just to make your space looking and feeling new. Even just focusing on the small stuff you put on your walls, floors, and the center of people’s attention, you can make a big difference.




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