Make Your Outdoor Hot Tub the Highlight of Your Backyard

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When summer reigns, you can go to the beach, spend the days sprawled on a lawn chair, and absorb the sunny energy of the season. Summer, like all seasons, is fleeting, and before you know it, it’s autumn. The turning leaves and chilly wind make it the perfect time to turn on the heaters and test the water jets on your backyard hot tub. Your friends would probably love to soak in its heated waters and stave away the autumn chill, and your special someone could appreciate a nice romantic evening enveloped in its steamy vapors.

But is your outdoor hot tub area a nice place to look at, much less spend a lot of time in? After all, authorized Bullfrog spa retailers can install the main event, but it’s up to you make your outdoor hot tub beautiful. The right design choices and a few appropriate accessories can make a soak in your tub a palatial experience.

Choosing the Right Designs

Like with real estate, it’s important to consider the location of your hot tub. Make it the central point of its area if you’re about to have one installed. The tub is the star of its location, so choose a spot that will highlight it. However, don’t leave all its sides out in the open. If you can, put it next to a standing wall and surround it with a low covering made of faux wood panels to hide its machinery. Voila, your hot tub now looks more comforting and less mechanical.

If you already have a hot tub, you can spruce it up by putting furniture nearby. Choose pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. A few benches and a coffee table can make parties and intimate nights more comfortable, as people can use them to take a break from the heat and keep the food and beverages close at hand.

Alternatively, you can go natural and make your hot tub area an extension of your garden rather than your house. Place planter boxes with attractive shrubs and plants close to the tub and add a few flowering plants to give your hot tub a woodland hot spring ambiance. Once you’ve designed your outdoor hot tub area to your liking, it’s time to accessorize.

Accentuate With Accessories

Happy boy playing with bubbles in hot tube on the back yard

Great design is only one half of making a beautiful outdoor hot tub area. You need to choose the perfect accessories to enhance your hot tub experience.

Hot tub parties are fun, but it’s inconvenient to keep leaving the tub just to get to the snacks. You and your guests may not want to leave the warmth of the tub even for refreshments if you throw a party in autumn. You can remedy this with a few inflatable floating drink holders or an inflatable hot tub bar. Either one of these accessories keeps food and beverages at arm’s length while keeping stray crumbs and spills to a minimum.

For more intimate hot tub encounters, you can set the mood by using Bluetooth-ready waterproof floating speakers. Crank up the smooth jazz as you and your significant other relax on to hot tub pillows, and enjoy the warmth of the water and each other’s company.

A hot tub is a good way to get over the cold nights, but you can make elevate the experience when you choose the right design and the best accessories.




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