And It Was All Yellow: Using Yellow for Your Interior Design

spacious living room with a yellow couch

Designing your home can be both a challenging and exciting prospect. You will feel excited because you will be able to personalize your space based on your interests, liking, and preference. You get to make your home truly work for you. And when you have configured your home based on your lifestyle needs, you will surely have your dream home.

This is something that you might have been planning. It takes effort and careful planning to make sure that your beautiful home will happen. One of the areas that you need to focus on when designing your home is the overall color theme. And you might be advised to use neutral tones. However, you can stray away from the usual. If you want some character but still want to make sure it is bright, one color that you should use is yellow.

Yellow can be a difficult color to use for your space. But that does not mean that you will use this color for everything. You can even use combinations. Let your imagination run wild. Unleash your creativity. Here are some things that you should bear in mind:

Use the lighter shade

You are not required to use the first shade of yellow. You might be leaning toward darker shades, such as mustard, and using mustard for everything can render your home quite hard to look at. In this regard, it will always be safe to go for lighter color choices. Pastel yellows and similar shades are some of the colors you might want to consider. Pastel yellows are the perfect color choices if you’re going to prep your nursery or kid’s rooms. These are sure to help your kids develop a sunny disposition and sentiment. Darker yellows work perfectly as accents.

Use it for your accents

Speaking of accents, you can use yellows as complementary colors for your existing theme. For one, if you have a pretty neutral room, you might want to break the monotony by having an accent chair rendered in mustard yellow. You can use yellow for cornices and moldings. For your windows, yellow is also a good choice for your valances and frames. Just experiment and do not be afraid to get the wrong color combinations at first. If you want to ensure quality, it pays that you work with a painting contractor in Salt Lake City.

Use the right complementary colors

yelllow sofa in living room

You can use yellow for everything in your room, from the walls to ceilings. However, you run the risk of having your room quite monotonous. In this regard, it pays that you have accents to complement the yellows. For one, you can use cyan for your doors. Refer to the color wheel to get the right combinations.

Your home is your personal space, and you might want to make sure that your aesthetics and tastes are visible all around. One way of doing just that is by using the color that resonates with you. If you want your home to mirror your cheery and light disposition, yellow is an excellent color choice.




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