Building Your Dream Home: What’s Your Kitchen Style?

Kitchen in a modern home

When preparing to build their dream house, many people tend to spend tons of hours looking at inspiration photos online. However, this does not necessarily make the process of pinpointing what they need and want in a house easier. Sometimes, it only leads to more confusion.

The most challenging part of this entire process is figuring out how to narrow down and edit your choices so that you can establish what your dream home would look. Before you meet with your custom home builder in Utah, you might want to figure out your kitchen style first. Once you get the hang of it, you can then use the same steps to determine the exact feel and style of your entire home.

Collect Inspiration Photos

Do not think—just save all the images you like. When doing this, you will begin to see a pattern emerging. For instance, you might find that some of the photos you have saved might not mesh, but do not delete them. Just save everything that looks visually appealing to you and edit your collection later.

Organize—Or Not

Since you will be saving hundreds of images, it is perfectly fine to save them in only one folder and categorize them later. Categorizing this early on the process will only make your task so much harder and time-consuming.

Label Your Photo Collections

Once you feel that you have saved more than enough inspiration images, take a look at everything and then start categorizing. You could label according to style; perhaps you are leaning towards industrial and Mediterranean or find that you have saved kitchen photos with dark-toned cabinetry. You could also categorize by design elements, such as lighting ideas, flooring options, seating, countertops, cabinetry, and kitchen configuration.

Now’s the Time to Edit

After labeling your collections, take a break for a day or two and resist looking at them. Next, look through your collections with fresh eyes to see which images really speak to you. You might not realize it, but your wants and needs might have already changed.

When scanning your inspiration images, look very closely at each photo. If you find asking yourself why you saved a particular image or if you do not remember what you liked in it in the first place, delete and move along.

Inspect Each Photo Thoroughly

Kitchen in luxurious home

Now that you are finished with collecting, categorizing, and editing your inspiration photos, try to pinpoint which specific design elements or features you like, want, or need in your kitchen. For instance, just the cabinetry, flooring, or color scheme, and not the image in its entirety. You will find that you do not necessarily want all the elements in one photo appealing, but just a feature or two that you want to incorporate in your future kitchen.

Once you have done all the steps suggested above, you will have a much better understanding of your kitchen style, whether it is traditional, contemporary, minimalist, or industrial. Now all, you have to do is show your pegs to the builder to make your dream kitchen come to life.




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