Essential Benefits You Can Enjoy with Circuit Training

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If you’re looking for an intense and power-packed whole-body workout regimen that you can do anywhere under less than an hour, circuit training is a perfect choice. It cycles through several exercises targeting various muscle groups without resting in between workouts, improving your overall strength, endurance, and energy. It’s one of the most effective training styles available.

Here are six circuit training benefits that you can enjoy:

Versatile and Flexible Workouts

Circuit training is a fast-paced workout that consists of several movements that you need to finish in a short period (usually 30 to 60 seconds), repeated numerous times with no rest in between activities. A typical session involves six to twelve exercises or movements where you need to repeat three to five times. Exercises that you do in circuit training can be anything you want.

For instance, if you have a pool and love swimming, take advantage of it and include it in your circuit training. Just remember to have your pool well maintained and clean at all times, from navigating the high-tech control systems to manage pool pH to regular removal of leaves, because nobody wants to swim in sweaty water.

Cardio and Strength Training In One

If you love cardio, but dread lifting weights, forcing yourself to do an entire workout that you don’t like or enjoy can be tedious, leaving you more tired than energized. Fortunately, circuit training provides both essentials in any complete exercise regime as it allows you to mix intervals of high-intensity cardio with weight lifting in shorter periods.

It’s a comprehensive and intense workout that lets you achieve everything you need in a session under an hour.

It Saves You Time

Since circuit training involves doing movements in short periods, this means that you can get a lot of work done in a short space of time. Including the warmup, cool down, and actual exercises, you can achieve a comprehensive workout in less than an hour. But remember that the circuits’ effectiveness will depend on how much effort you put in it and not how fast you finished. ;

Speeds Up Your Metabolism

fit womanBesides providing an intense workout regime that lets your burn calories, circuit training can also kick your metabolism into high gear. The fast-paced circuits allow you to burn more calories in 20 minutes than you would in a whole hour during the session. Additionally, it gives your body an ‘afterburn effect,’ that will have you burning more calories for two days after each successful circuit session ends.

It Reduces Injury Risks

Although there’s no guarantee that you can’t get injured while doing circuits, it can be a fantastic way to manage pre-existing injuries and prevent new ones. It allows you to do different movements in each interval tailored to your preference, enabling you to replace the exercises with safer and more comfortable ones for you. It can also prevent new injuries as it follows different activities in each session, avoiding overuse and repetitive-cause injuries common with other types of training.

A More Effective and Fun Workout

Since circuit training consists of different movements in short periods, it eliminates ‘gym boredom,’ allowing you to have more fun in each exercise rather than counting how many more reps you need to do for the entire workout session. You can also mix the number and type of activities you want to do for each circuit session.

Circuit exercises can be anything you want, making circuit training the ultimate versatile workout regime that anyone can do, improving your power, endurance, energy, and overall wellness.




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