How You Can Use Color Psychology to Your Advantage

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Have you noticed how certain colors can make you feel specific emotions? You did not imagine it. Colors can evoke different feelings, and if utilized properly, they can work to your advantage. When choosing colors, choose not just for aesthetics alone, but for your behavioral and emotional well-being as well.

Whether you are calling residential exterior painting contractors for your home or commercial painting contractors, you must choose the right colors that you want for your property. Colors can affect human behavior, and they are even used in advertising to evoke the right emotions from target customers. Color can affect the mood and decision-making of people. It is a universal language that everyone understands, no matter the race and ethnicity.

Do not just pick your favorite color for your property. You can do that with your draperies, rugs, and linens. With paint, it is essential to choose wisely to avoid spending again on a repainting job. The right paint color can make your property look attractive, and it can help you achieve your goals.

Here are some popular colors and how they affect human behavior and psychology:


Red is a color that invokes strong emotions. It brings out passionate feelings, such as excitement, courage, and strength. It is a physically stimulating color that can increase the heart rate of the spectator. It can surely catch the eye of passersby. If you are planning to sell your home, red should be in your list of paint choices.

There is a reason why many businesses choose red as part of their color palette. Red represents urgency and excites prospective customers. No wonder establishments use red for their Sale banners to let prospects feel the need and urgency to take advantage of their low prices. It encourages people to act immediately and react faster.

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Green is a color that is said to spark your creativity and productivity. It is generally related to growth, health, and nature. It is a relaxing and tranquil color that can help you clear your mind. Green can make your home look refreshing. However, be careful when choosing a shade of green. Some hues of green can look sickly and slimy.

Businesses use the color green if they want their patrons to feel relaxed and stress-free. You can use green for the same reasons for your home to make it look more inviting after a tiring day at work.


Blue is almost everyone’s favorite color, and it is no mystery at all. Blue evokes feelings of peace and tranquility, reminding you of clear, blue, open skies and calm seas. Blue also brings out feelings of loyalty, logical thinking, intelligence, and focus. Blue is perfect for home offices and study rooms if you want to increase concentration and productivity.

Businesses that want to promote reliability use the color blue to assure their customers of their safety and security. Blue is also considered as the color of trust, thereby encouraging prospective customers to put their trust in you.


Brown is a neutral and safe color that can match with any surroundings. It brings feelings of stability and reliability; maybe that is why shades of brown are a favorite among residential homes. It is a wholesome and natural color that blends well in its environment. It evokes a comfortable and homey feeling, making you feel warm and safe.

Businesses that want to assert feelings of practicality, reliability, and wholesomeness can use the color brown in their logos, websites, and establishment. Companies that offer organic and natural products can use shades of brown to give off an earthy and natural vibe.


When it comes to home exteriors, and even interiors, shades of white are your safest bet. They can match any roof color. White gives off feelings of cleanliness, purity, and simplicity. White is simply elegant and looks sophisticated without trying too hard. It is a versatile color that never goes out of style. If you have plans to sell your home in the future, you can color it white. White gives off the aura of a fresh start. It is also a color of youth that gives off a cool and refreshing feeling.

While some think that white is a boring choice for businesses, that might not always be the case. The color white gives off a sleek, modern, and minimalist feel. If used properly, it can convey the right message to your prospective customers. White is a calming color that can give customers the hope of new beginnings and clean slates. Medical businesses also use the color white to indicate cleanliness and purity.

Of course, there are other colors that you can choose from. If you are unsure, you can always consult experts.




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