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Is your home beginning to feel stale? That’s understandable. With most having to stay and even work from home all the time, we’re all beginning to get sick of our own houses. Why not turn those feelings of boringness into something productive and take a shot at some easy home renovation? It doesn’t have to be too drastic that it’s too daunting to start. A good weekend renovation should be plug and play but still changing enough of the design. And changing the look of your house will inevitably also change the ‘feel’ of it, preventing the samey-ness and staleness from creeping in.

1. Add some indoor plants

Putting ornamental plants is an easy way to spice up a room, no matter how boring it is. You can put them almost anywhere as well, from empty room corners to window sills. They’re natural and thus, they fit in many spaces easily. You can even put plants in beautiful containers or pots, adding a more adventurous feel to your room.

Beyond its aesthetic benefits, however, plants do more. A NASA research has found that houseplants can purify the air, removing up to 87 percent of toxins found in the air. Plants also help reduce sick building syndrome. Plants aren’t just useful for their beautiful looks, they’re also really helpful to our health. And they’re affordable too, making this an easy upgrade that can be done over the weekend.

2. Let the light in

Good lighting makes a room great, and bad lighting makes a room terrible. Lighting set the mood, dictates the ambiance, and defines a room. However, it’s also among the most commonly overlooked aspects of design. Have you ever thought much about the lighting fixtures in your house and where they’re supposed to go?

Luckily, it’s not all too difficult to improve the lighting situation in your house. It’s better to look at what you need light for before purchasing. Do you have a work desk that’s just kind of there, without much thought to it? Why not add a desk lamp to help you finish that novel you’re reading? Or if you work on a computer, why not put a green or blue lava lamp so your eyes have something soothing to look at in between breaks? There’s a wide variety of lamps, from decorative hanging lamps to outdoor sconces, to vintage floor lamps. They all fit a different purpose, so find what is yours.

3. Rearrange your furniture

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but obviously, you can’t have a discussion about refreshing your room without rearranging your furniture. However, rearranging your furniture doesn’t only just give the room a new feeling, it has an interesting benefit to it too.

Your furniture has probably been stuck in its current position for ages. Your sofa has probably been receiving undue sunlight for years now, and your cluttered desk is more a clutter-holder than a desk. When you rearrange your furniture, you begin to consider your use-case scenarios more. This makes you think and consider factors that affect the daily use of your furniture, empowering you to design a more efficient layout for your rooms.

4. Spruce up your exterior

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If you have a deck or a patio- then make it better! Make it look good enough that you’d want to hang out there. Some people might feel that the four walls of their home are suffocating, so having an outdoor space where you can relax and unwind is very helpful.

You don’t have to build a patio from scratch, you can simply arrange outdoor furniture in your yard to make a more favorable outdoor experience. Perhaps you can put a picnic table with an umbrella, or if you’re lucky enough, under a tree. If you have a patio, repainting the wooden floor and adding some colorful benches and chairs is more than enough to make it pop and make you feel like you’re in a different place.

5. Make a dedicated work area

Working from home tends to blur the lines between work and life, and that on its own has negative effects. People are more stressed and anxious. They’re reminded of work even if they’re in their own house. One solution to this dilemma is by dedicating one area of your house exclusively for work.

Making a dedicated corner specifically for work means a better division of work and personal life. By keeping work-related matters only within that work area, you can hopefully feel more ‘free’ from work when you’re at home. It also means you get to customize your workspace according to your needs. So better get proper office chairs and desk to emulate the ergonomics found in your office.




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