Wallpaper: If Not on Walls, Then Where?

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Wallpaper is one of those design elements where you either love it or hate it. Regardless of your stance on it, it can really help liven up any space and can be used on many different surfaces, not just on your walls. With this in mind, here are some unexpected places to use wallpaper.

Up the Stairs

Okay, not technically the stairs, but the stair risers. If you love the look of painted tiles on risers that you see in Spanish-inspired homes, using wallpaper is an easier and more practical option. If you’re not keen on color, however, opt for a more contemporary or neutral wallpaper design.

On Your Ceiling

Select a bold and graphic print that will make anyone look up to the ceiling. When used in a dining room or entryway, it will lend a more defined and unified look to the space. And it will also give it a sense of expansiveness and coziness, depending on the specific design you go with.

Give Your Chest of Drawers an Instant Update

Tired of looking at your tired-looking chest of drawers, give it an instant update with wallpaper. You can opt to apply wallpaper just in the drawer fronts or inside each drawer. Just make sure to apply it properly, especially if you come in contact with the drawers regularly.

As Art

Uncertain if you want to apply wallpaper on a huge surface? Find a wallpaper print you love and frame it. This will instantly add visual interest to any space without overwhelming it. This way, you can likewise get the feel for the print and decide if you want to put it on your wall.

Enliven the Heart of Your Home

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Want that colored tile backsplash design but don’t like the cost and commitment that comes with installing an actual backsplash? Consider wallpaper. Place it behind protective glass if it is near the sink or stovetop or take it up higher if you wish.

In a Tiny Space

Applying wallpaper in a tiny space will give it a bold statement. And depending on the particular design you choose, it can even make the space feel and look more spacious than it really is. The perfect place to try this is in the powder room.

Brighten Up Your Cupboards

You can dress up cupboards with your collection of dishes, etc. but you can also use wallpaper to highlight your selection further. This is especially great if your collection is made up of glass and white pieces. Pick a wallpaper with a graphic pattern or print and apply it on every inside surface of the cupboard.

If you’re just starting out with wallpapering, this is an excellent way to build your wallpapering skills and confidence.

From dramatic chinoiserie and classic florals to graphic patterns and contemporary prints, your options are virtually endless. Despite its name, however, now you know that it can also work wonder on many different surfaces in your home, and not just on the walls. Look to the ideas above to get you inspired.




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