Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit on a Budget

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Utah is a semi-arid state with high and dry country air and plenty of sunshine. It is best experienced with some sunscreen and an extra bottle of water. When you’re at home, however, the best way to enjoy Utah is with an air-conditioning unit.

But what if you know nothing about air conditioners? How will you be able to maintain your unit? Don’t worry, no matter how small your knowledge of cooling units is, there are still ways to maintain them.

Hire Professionals

First, consult professionals. You don’t want to worsen whatever is troubling your air conditioner. If there seem to be a problem, an air conditioning tune-up in Utah can be easily done by calling the real technicians.

Why hire professionals? Just like owning a car, regular maintenance can mean the difference between an air-conditioning system that lasts a long time and one that fails on you just as the temperature outside rises. An air-conditioning unit is a big investment, and it will pay off if you treat it right.

Air conditioning system services are offered by many companies. However, you must do your assignment to find a reputable and reliable company with skilled technicians who can assess whether or not your unit is working to its full potential. A good technician can also notify you of any safety concerns and tell you if there are parts that need to be replaced or serviced.

Clean Your Air Conditioner

While it’s important to keep your unit clean inside, you should also maintain cleanliness outside and around it at all time. Why is this necessary? When dirt, dust, and other particles accumulate on your AC, they can find their way inside the unit and infiltrate its operating pieces. This could lead to major functioning issues.

Simply dust and wipe the exterior of your air conditioner at least once a week, especially the vents. If needed, use a damp cloth with a safe chemical cleaner. Though small, this step can significantly reduce additional work and costs later.

Use Your Fan

Electric ceiling fan at the room

Complement the use of your air conditioner with a fan. It helps cool air to distribute throughout your entire room and makes the room feel cooler faster. Plus, this prevents your AC from working overtime.

If you don’t have a fan, you don’t have to get one right away. Check your unit if it has a programmable timer. Set it up during the hottest parts of the day and just use its fan during the tolerable parts of the day.

Use the Right Window Treatments

Finally, you can make the most out of your air-conditioning system by using the right kind of window treatments. If you have large windows or sliding doors, chances are, heat can penetrate them. Worse, cold air inside the house can seep out.

To prevent hot air coming in and cold air from escaping, use blinds or drapes on your windows and sliding doors. Seal cracks and gaps, too.

Choosing between comfort and conscientiousness, believe it or not, is tough for plenty of people. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can maximize the efficiency and performance of your air conditioning system by making responsible choices.




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