Upgrade and Renovate to Improve Your Home

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What does your home need to really be the most comfortable and luxurious home it can be? Some people dream of a home with a Jacuzzi. Others know that the best home is one with a professionally surfaced sports facility, such as a tennis or basketball court. After all, a big yard is great, but a place to play sports with your family is even better. One is great for childless couples, the other is fantastic for bonding with your kids. Some people have the choice to go with both but are unsure if that is what they want.

It can be hard to decide what you need to upgrade or remodel or renovate to turn your new house into a home. The best thing to do is sit down with your family and talk about your expectations of the home. Does your family spend a lot of time cooking together? You may need an upgrade. A bigger kitchen with new appliances and a large countertop, which can double as a preparation surface, and a dining space is perfect for you.

Does the house feel drafty or too dark? You may need to renovate. Check the seal on the windows, replace all the ones that are warped with larger windows so more natural light can enter the house.

Identifying whether you need an upgrade or a renovation is all about how much you want to improve the specific areas inside and outside the house that matter most to you.

Painting The Walls

Paint is a great way to make a house look and feel fresh without major renovations. The right paint can brighten up a room and take the best advantage of natural light. Some people even paint the ceiling as a way to help set off the painted walls and give the room a framed, designer look. An easy way to make any room feel elegant is to paint the walls and ceiling the same color and the crown molding a contrasting shade.

Buy Pre-Made

Since you will be painting it and especially if you’re not that particular about everything being authentic, you can buy pre-made crown molding. It is much cheaper than hiring craftsmen to build it onto your walls and you can install it yourself with some patience and an industrial-strength glue.

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Stair Runner

Install a stair runner to avoid slippery steps and to make the stairway look more elegant. A stair runner that contrasts well with the color of the banisters and steps can be just as much a decorative piece as it is functional. Avoid ordering it online till you have seen the design in person. Some styles that look good in pictures might present a visual confusion in view.

Finish the Basement

Finish the basement and install a bathroom down there. You can then turn it into a fun space for the family to hang out, or for your kids to bring over friends and keep the noise and mess away from your quiet, clean den.

You could also turn it into its own studio apartment so you can rent it out for extra money. This will also allow you to have an extra option in the eventuality that your parents need a place to stay when they cannot live alone. Some parents are also finishing basements so that when their kid graduates college, they can have a place to stay while looking for work.

Open Floor Plan

This is a great way to make your home feel airy and light. Knock down a few walls that are not load-bearing so that the house flows from the front door to the backyard with few obstructions. This is a practical way to allow good airflow, allow natural light into the house, and it will make your living spaces feel much more spacious. It also allows you and your family to be in different areas of the house but still feel connected and spend quiet time together.

Consider hanging a lantern in front of your front door. It can make the entryway of your home look warm and welcoming. It also allows your doorbell camera to see anyone who is standing in front of the door more clearly. Your family will find it easier to look for their keys with the light of the lantern to help them.

It is an added layer of security as the bright illuminating light will discourage people from approaching your family while they are at the door as well as drive off potential burglars since they know they will be lit up while trying to break in. Some people also add motion sensor lights to the windows and backyard as well.

This is a good way to drive off burglars as well. Additionally, it allows your security cameras to capture the images of the people or animals that triggered the lights so you can come up with a response plan.




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