Top Landmarks You Must See in Grand Prairie


Grande Prairie in Alberta, Canada has plenty of tourist attractions that the locals are proud to keep as their own little secret. The area has a few rivers and a dam, along with several iconic bridges. There are also the parks and old buildings, particularly those found on Kleskun Hills. Grande Prairie has no shortage of beautiful and high-end landscape design. Whether within the city or in the public parks, the landscape is worth a visit.

Muskoseepi Park

One of the most popular and highly visited tourist attractions one can find in Grande Prairie is the world-renowned Muskoseepi Park. It is in the central-most part of the city. The name literally means “Bear Creek Park” in Cree, and it was founded and completed in 1986. It features approximately 15 kilometers of paved trails that are perfect for those who love outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and biking. The park also features a small trout pond that many people love to see and visit.

The Shaftesbury and La Crete Ferries

There are two ferries that one can cross in Peace Country. The Shaftesbury Ferry is most active in summertime at the Pratts Landing Ferry situated near the Tangents, Alberta, which is approximately 27 kilometers of the Peace River in the southwest part of the region. The Tompkins Ferry crosses the Peace River 69 kilometers of La Crete in the southwest area.

The W.A.C. Bennett Dam

This is the main source of electricity for the place. It is one of the leading tourist attractions in the area, and it is situated 20 minutes west of Hudson’s Hope. The Peace Canyon Dam is yet another tourist attraction to see that is found some six kilometers southwest of Hudson’s Hope.

Kimiwan Birdwalk


One amazing view in McLennan is Kimiwan Birdwalk, which is found on the west and showcases 300 meters of wooden walkways and pathways. It lures approximately 400 visitors in a month where 200 species of birds are often found.

The Dunvegan Bridge

Ferries were used to safely cross the Peace River until the Dunvegan Bridge was built. It is the longest bridge in Alberta, and it was built in 1960. There are several historic and iconic establishments found in the area such as the buildings at Dunvegan, Hudson’s Bay Company Factor’s House of 1879, and the St. Charles Mission Church of 1867 to name a few.

The Peace River

Here, you will find the Ground Hill found on the Town of Peace River on the north bank. You will also find the gravesite of Henry Davis. The place likewise offers breathtaking scenery that overlooks the Smoky and Peace Rivers.

Fort Vermilion

This is one of the oldest settlements in the area. Here, you will discover several historic buildings such as the Golf Clubhouse which is known to be over 150 years.

Kleskun Hill Park

This is situated 20 kilometers of Grand Prairie in the east. It rests 100 meters above the plains. Many tourists flock to the area for the old buildings, many of which go back to the early 18th century.




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