Five Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Wooden Deck

wooden deck

One of the main areas of your house is the wooden deck that sits in your backyard. When you invite guests over, this is the area where you set up the dining table and the barbecue grill. How many house parties have you had on that deck? You even used it for your kids’ parties and some family reunions. It’s a hangout place for your buddies as well.

The deck in your house, therefore, takes a lot of beating and abuse, especially if you use wood for the flooring. A moisture seal on the decking would give the surface not only the shine it needs but also the protection from different weather conditions. But applying sealant on the deck is not the only thing that you need to do when you want to maintain your wooden deck. You should also keep in mind that regular maintenance and cleaning are required to keep all panels in place and prevent the growth of mold and fungal spores due to moist.

Inspect the Deck

Make it a point to inspect the deck regularly. While you don’t have to do it daily, you can at least make it a part of your weekly routine. During weekends, inspect the deck for any loose floorboards or protruding nails that need repair. Also, clear the deck of furniture, toys, and plants at least once every two months so that you can see if these things are causing damage to your wood panels.

Scrub the Deck

washing the deck

Dirt and dust will gather between the floorboards. You need a pressure washer to remove these from the deck. Put the pressure on low because too much pressurized water can damage the floorboards. Also, use a chemical solution that’s safe for wood because some chemicals can have an adverse effect on the natural stain of the wood. Bleach, for example, can make the wood look washed out. When using chemicals to clean the deck, make sure to remove any plants and furniture because the chemical solution can kill plants and damage the materials of the furniture.

Dry the Deck

When cleaning the deck with pressurized water, the water seeps into the floorboards. It will take time for the wood boards to dry. Wait at least two days before replacing the furniture, toys, and plants. Moist in the wood can result in the growth of fungal spores and mold, so make sure the deck is completely dry before covering it up with furniture, carpets, and other things that could seal the moisture. Also, you might want to remember to clean the deck with water only during springtime and summertime. During winter and fall, just sweep the dirt and debris from the deck, and don’t wash it with water.

Seal the Deck

Finally, it’s time to seal the deck. Sealants will either be water- or oil-based. Professionals use oil-based sealants because they have more layers of protection. Sealants can be brushed on, sprayed, or rolled with a paint roller. While spraying is the fastest way, it is also the hardest method and is reserved for professionals. When applying the sealant, make sure not to miss any area of the surface. Also, remove surrounding plants because sealants have damaging effects on them.

Protecting your wood deck from the weather and harsh temperature is the first thing that you must remember. There’s nothing like the extreme combination of ultraviolet rays and biting cold of winter to damage the wooden floorboards. By proactively applying sealant on the deck, you’d give it the protection it needs from the weather.




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