The Versatility Of Shipping Containers

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Container homes are a perfect solution for those who want to have a home but have a limited budget for it. Not only are they cheap, but they’re also quite easy to build, too. But are container homes indeed a viable option as a housing alternative?

Using a shipping container is a practical way to reuse objects that are usually for disposal. Build With Rise says that there are millions of excess shipping containers sitting around the ports waiting to get disposed of.

The versatility of shipping containers

Shipping containers have been around for more than 50 years and have been a crucial part of the global distribution operation of most companies. Esquire says that while several people have started converting shipping containers to temporary homes for several years, it’s only relatively recently that architects and designers have picked up on the rising demand for alternative housing.

The case for shipping container homes

What makes shipping container homes ideal is their adaptability. You can stack a few shipping containers on top of each other, and you’ve finally got a house. But there’s more to it than just stacking one shipping container on top of another. Since they are mainly comprised of steel, it can get hot inside a shipping container. But how can you manage this reality? Simple: create a plan for full insulation.

Making it livable

Living in an unfinished shipping container can be uncomfortable, especially during the summer months or when it’s freezing outside. So, when you’re only starting to design your container home, it’s best to contact insulation contractors in Kansas City. Ask them for any insulation tips and even help in insulating the roof and the walls.

If you’re planning to have blanket-style insulation in your home, then ask if they can help you create an interior stud wall. But if you want a more accessible type of insulation, then you might want to go with foam insulation since you can spray it onto the wall without building an interior stud wall. If you want a more sustainable insulation alternative, then sheep wool is a great choice.

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Keeping your shipping home cool

There are times when insulation won’t be enough to keep things cool, especially during the summer. At times like this, having an air conditioning unit is an excellent idea. But are there ways to keep the interior of your house fresh without causing your electricity to spike?

One way of keeping the temperature low is by installing shade. Although it seems simple, having shade is great for keeping the hot air out during the summer months, and on the other hand, keeping the warm air in during the cold season. Tending your garden can also keep the heat away from your home. You can plant trees to act as a shade against the hot sun.

Using a shipping container as your home is a great way to practice sustainability in your way of living. You can check out a few magazines for more design ideas or ask a few experts to help you design your home. Remember to be creative with your design and let your personality shine.




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