The Heat is On: Keeping Your Home Warm Without Those Extra Coin

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You may think you still have a few months left to prepare but remember, the Starks have always gotten it right: winter is coming! You know precisely what this means (and no, we’re not talking about dragons and dire wolves). It is time for festive gatherings with your closest family and friends, holidays presents to wrap and unwrap, and, unfortunately, higher electricity bills.

Once the colder season kicks in, many homeowners immediately get tempted to literally turn up the heat inside their living spaces. However, with all the gifts you have to buy and parties you need to host, you wouldn’t want all those additional utility expenses.

Thankfully, there are a few ways you can keep your home warm and cozy, even without having to adjust your thermostat. Forget about those high energy bills and layers of sweaters. Here are a few things you should definitely try.

Never let the heat go through vents

When your vents are in operation, you make your home highly susceptible to that cold, dry air outside. Another habit that can let the heat pass through your vents is if you leave those vents in your bathroom open after every shower.

Kick the habit during the colder months, and switch off the vents once you’re done with your business in the bathroom. Also, keep the bathroom door open, as the warm, damp air post-shower can also help keep your home comfortable. This will also lessen the dryness of winter to some degree.

Keep your curtains open

There’s one ultimate heat source that’s not only strong but also completely free – the sun! If you’re lucky enough to get some sunshine in your area during daylight hours, pull your entire window coverings open to let that radiant heat pass through your windows.

Then, as soon as the sun sets, close everything once again. You can expect two benefits from doing this simple task. That additional layer of insulation in your Sandy, Utah home’s glass can keep that cold evening breeze outside while also keeping the day’s warmth trapped inside.

We understand that those beautiful landscape views outside can be tempting and leave you wanting to keep your curtains open. It’s fine, as long as you do it when the sun is out. At night, make sure they’re tightly closed. If you have thicker, even thermal insulation curtains, the better.

Close all other unused rooms

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If you have a few rooms in your home that are often unused, such as a guest room, a study area or even the basement, don’t bother trying to heat them. Not only are these a colossal waste of money, but keeping all these areas warm also means your heating system have to work twice as hard.

For those unoccupied rooms, make sure the doors are always closed. This will make it more manageable for your entire heating system at home to keep the warm air well-circulated in the areas that you and your family actually use.

By doing these things, you’ll be able to keep your utility bills reasonable and your heating system in good condition for an extended time.




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