Home Renovation: Tackling Neglected House Areas in the Pandemic


It makes sense to tackle some home renovation projects during the pandemic. But when we talk about house remodeling, what comes to mind? You’ll immediately think of the constantly used and abused parts of your house like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. In fact, Home Advisor has recently released its 2021 State of Home Spending Report. The report shows the top ten home service projects of 2020. These include interior painting, bathroom remodeling, new flooring, landscaping, and kitchen remodeling, among others.

It’s easy, however, to neglect other areas of the house. They need either a minor or major remodeling as well. That said, here are six areas of the house to renovate during the pandemic.

1. Attic

The attic lies below the pitched roof and on top of the ceiling. It can either be finished or unfinished. For the most part, it is unfinished typically used as a storage place. However, it’s a good idea to convert it into a livable space. Sure, you may update it by installing insulating materials to regulate your home temperature and ensure proper ventilation. However, it’s best to turn your attic into a bedroom for your kid during the pandemic. If not, make it a dedicated space for working or studying.

2. Crawlspace

A crawlspace is found in between your first floor and the ground below. Its space is just enough for you to crawl around inside — hence, the name. It basically provides support to the living space above. It also ensures proper ventilation for the air to circulate in your house. That said, it’s best to update your crawlspace during the pandemic. Turn this space unrestricted to allow your piping, wiring, and ductwork to have easy access for maintenance and repair. Also, consider making it a storage space as long as it isn’t a moist environment.

3. Basement

Same with crawlspace, the basement lies below the ground floor. But the difference lies in their space capacity. A crawlspace only allows you to crawl, while a basement can be a living space. If you have a basement, it doesn’t make sense to use it as mere storage, given its vast space. It’s best to carry out basement finishing work to bring your basement to life during the pandemic. That said, consider turning it into a guest room, wine cellar, or even a movie theater. After all, no space in your house should be left underutilized.

4. Laundry room

laundry room

It’s easy to neglect your laundry room, although it’s constantly used for washing clothes. As long as you can do the laundry, you think you’re good. However, it’s best to put some style and organization into your laundry room. Doing so goes beyond having a thorough cleaning or investing in modern appliances like a washing machine. You can also consider making simple room remodeling to make your laundry room as functional as possible.

5. Staircase

There is more to a staircase than meets the eye. Not only does it allow family members to go up the second floor, but it also makes a bold statement with its visual appeal. If you have a stair at home, it’s best to update it during the pandemic. Crucial to its overall aesthetics and functionality is its railing. Update or replace your handrails and balustrades with new materials. Consider wood, stainless steel, aluminum, wrought iron, or glass for them. That said, be sure to opt for custom-made railings for your stair upgrade. You’ll be surprised at how these can kick your staircase up a notch!

6. Porch

porch sits in front of your house with a roof and open sides. Not only does it protect and beautify your house entrance, but it also serves as a place to rest and have a view of the outdoor surroundings. Given its function, it’s best to transform your porch during the pandemic. Turn it into a visually appealing space to boost your property’s curb appeal. Also, transform its overall functionality so you and your family can have a perfect resting place amid the pandemic.

At this point, we’ve discussed other house areas that need to be tackled during the pandemic. For your home renovation project, consider the attic, crawlspace, basement, laundry room, staircase, and porch. The best course of action is to examine all parts of your house and see what needs to be fixed or updated. From there, either take a DIY home improvement project or hire a contractor to perform the job for you. Ultimately, doing so will pay off for the benefit of the whole household.




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