4 DIY Home Improvement Projects That Ultimately Leads to Regrets

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people are taking home improvement more seriously. Having more time indoors forced homeowners to use their homes more frequently and differently. According to experts, spending money on home improvement became a comforting investment for homeowners during these uncertain times. At the same time, the pandemic urged families to prioritize their home life and embrace a more agile approach to well-being.

Carving a Space for Work at Home

Over the quarantine, people are making significant improvements and additions in their living spaces. Even home professionals witnessed a massive spike in home projects and outdoor spaces. One reason behind this is the surge of remote work. Since not all homes have a study room, many employees have to carve out a space for a decent home office.

Meanwhile, many are also taking advantage of their free time to tackle long-overdue repairs such as leaky sinks, damaged roofing, and garden upkeep. To save money, people rely on their DIY skills instead of hiring repair specialists. In the case of damaged concrete floors, people rely on epoxy floor seal contractors to protect their floors from possible water damage.

People’s certainly put their DIY skills to the test during the lockdown. Many are tackling home improvements on their own to save money and ease their boredom. The problem is, many ended up regretting what they did because of the lack of skills or specific issues they didn’t anticipate. To keep you from encountering the same thing, here you’ll learn about typical home improvement projects that people regret doing the most.

Floor Tile Installation

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First on our list is floor tile installation. You have probably watched a few YouTube videos about it, and the project seems easy to take on. But don’t let those instructional videos fool you. A large majority of homeowners who did their tiling end up regretting it.

There are plenty of reasons why tile installations are causing serious headaches. One of them is when homeowners don’t use the suitable material and technique. As a result, the tiles won’t hold up, causing them to lift from the concrete surface.

While laying the tiles looks easy, the difficult part is the installation. DIYers often never realize the type of tile they will be dealing with and the type of grout and sealant required.

Hardwood Floor Refinishes

Hardwood floors are all the rage for homeowners who want an added aesthetic appeal for their interiors. You can’t blame them, though. Hardwood floors might be pricey, but they can make your house look more sophisticated and even drive the resale value.

Because of its high price, many are choosing to install the hardwood floor themselves. The thing is, many homeowners who refinished their hardwood floors end up regretting it. Dealing with hardwood floors involves a lot of considerations, such as the board width, floor type, color preference, and staining and finishing options. So give your home a favor and let the pros deal with your flooring.

Carpet Replacements

The idea of replacing the old carpet is something many look forward to. Sometimes, homeowners get so excited that they want to do it themselves. Replacing the carpet is a great DIY project only if you know how to do it correctly.

Most homeowners blame the lack of durability for their failure. The truth is, carpet installation involves a lot of complex procedures, from measuring, trimming, cutting, and gluing. You have to make sure you cut the carpet according to the proper measurements and the ends, and you have to make sure you tacked the seaming correctly. If it goes wrong, you’ll live with that mistake unless you’re willing to have it redone by a professional.

Basement Refinishing

Homeowners who don’t have an extra room for a home office turn to their attics and basement. Instead of using them as a storage room, basements are a perfect area for some quiet time for work or study.

Refinishing a room formerly used as storage or wasn’t heated before can be extremely complicated, especially if you do it without any professional help.

The basement or the attic are less likely to come with basic installation and are prone to mold and water damage. On top of that, you also have to deal with carpeting, drying, and electrical work, so it’s better to leave them to the professional.

Whether you like it or not, some things are best left to the pros. Home improvement projects take a lot of knowledge and expertise to perfect. Tackling them yourself without skills and experience is undoubtedly a problem waiting to happen. So the next time you find a broken fixture in your home, why not call a professional and let them do all the work?




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