Supporting Sustainability in Your Kitchen

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Kitchens are one of the busiest parts of a home. As such, they are also home to some practices that are harmful to the environment. When you commit to being sustainable, you can reverse these acts. Here are some greener ways to observe in your kitchen:

Adopt Sustainable Waste Management

Waste is a natural by-product in the kitchen. But it does not need to harm the environment in great measures. By investing in a plastic waste compactor, you can help reduce the volume of landfill waste. It also promotes good sanitation in the kitchen by eliminating overflowing trash bins.

Recycling is another great way to manage your waste. Have a separate bin for those that you can still use or donate. For your food scraps and leftovers, composting is the best way to go. Your compost is good food for your soil garden. Managing your waste will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Be More Energy-efficient

Your appliances and fixtures should not only be stylish; they must also be environmentally friendly. Switch to LED light bulbs for less energy consumption. Look at Energy-Star-labeled appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers. In doing so, you can save up on your electric bill. Dishwashers also use less water than washing by hand. You only have to make sure that you are running a full load.

You can also extend energy efficiency in cooking. You can rely on residual heat to finish cooking some of your dishes. Also, choosing the right sizes of pots for your burners will help regulate the cooking time. Pressure cookers are great in reducing cooking time and minimize energy use. Also, do not hesitate to include in your menu some dishes that do not need heat for preparation. Examples are salads, chilled soups, and some no-bake cakes.

Choose Durable Cookware and Utensils


There is something sentimental about a dish cooked in a cast-iron skillet. It may remind you of old recipes passed on from generation to generation. This is how durable this cookware is. Thus, when choosing your pots and pans, do not settle with non-stick pans or those made of Teflon. Aside from being non-durable, there is also the issue of toxic fumes from its materials. Instead, go for the sturdy stainless steel and the trusty cast-iron skillets.

Wooden and plastic utensils also have short life spans. When exposed to heat or water, they can burn or rot away. So it is important to invest in well-made counterparts. You must also look at high-quality knives. Every cookware piece or utensil disposed of is another item added to the landfill.

Do Away with Non-biodegradable Items

When planning the items in your kitchen, you have to be mindful even of the smallest things. Are you inclined to use plastic containers for storage? Do you have stocks of paper towels organized in your cupboard? Instead of using the materials mentioned above, be more creative with the use of glass or mason jars. You can even design such containers. Also, repurpose old fabrics and use them as kitchen towels.

Are you still shopping with plastic bags? Why not bring cloth tote bags instead. Just wash them after use, let dry, and they are ready for use again.

Your kitchen is a source of life sustenance. As you prepare your food, remember to nurture the environment, too. If you protect it, you will enjoy more products that you can use in your kitchen.




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