4 Signs That Will Tell That Your Lawn is Not Healthy


When it comes to gardening and landscaping, you cannot deny that your lawn is a canvas for many beautiful possibilities. It serves as the foundation of a beautiful garden. Its lush and bright colors are among the things that perfectly complement the allure of your flowers. However, many homeowners often overlook the importance of having a good lawn. They think that it is self-sustaining, meaning it can take care of itself. While it is true, you will still need to do your part in keeping it in top shape.

The beauty of your lawn will heavily depend on its health. This simply means that you need to take care of it. Simple ways, such as watering it and trimming it will help you keep healthy. There are also signs that will tell you that your lawn is not in good condition.

Its color changes

One important sign that your lawn is in a not-so-great shape is its color. When its hue has become brownish or yellowish, there is a great chance that it is not getting enough water and nutrients. Lack of water may also turn the color into bluish-green. The fix is easy; you just need to water it regularly. Providers of residential lawn care in Cedar Rapids advise that you water it in the morning to keep the water from drying out.

Weeds start to appear


Weeds aren’t exactly parasites, but they can actually affect the growth and health of your lawn. They can co-exist with your lawn without causing any problem, but you have to watch these weeds’ growth closely. If you have noticed that the weeds are already covering your lawn, you need to take action. The best that you can do at this point is to have the soil checked and treated. When the soil is treated, the weeds may find it difficult to sprout and grow.

There are some problems with the soil

While you are dealing with soil, you need to check if it is also in good condition. Normally, compacted soil may spell problems for your weeds. When the soil is hard and compacted, nutrients and moisture may find it hard to reach the lawn’s roots. In turn, the lawn may not grow healthily.

There are already some bald spots

A bald spot on your lawn should tell you that there is a problem. This may mean that the soil is not balanced and healthy. A soil tester or a landscaping expert may help you determine the cause of this issue.

The lawn is an important part of your garden. It is your canvas, which serves as the backdrop for your flowers and design pieces. With its importance, it only makes sense that you come up with ways on how to keep it in top shape. You may have your own methods at your disposal, but it wouldn’t hurt to seek the help and assistance of reliable gardening and landscaping companies. They may even have a better set of solutions that you can use.




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