Simple Ways to Enjoy Fresh Air at Home

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Air quality in our homes can be compromised, especially during summer and winter. During these seasons, our homes are sealed tight to keep cooled or heated air from escaping. This prevents clean air from coming in, leading to more allergens and irritants. To combat this, you have to know how to increase and ultimately improve air quality in your home.

Keep Carpets, Sheets, and Clothes Clean

Hire a professional who can thoroughly clean sheets, linens, and carpets in your home. You can choose from many services offering carpet cleaning in Orpington. Make sure that the service you’ll choose has a means to remove odors and dust mites. They should be able to recover up to 98% of moisture when cleaning, as opposed to just 50% from portable units that other services use.

Keep your sheets, linens, and clothes clean as well. Dust mites can live in fabrics around your house, so wash them regularly. If possible, wash them in hot water.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Natural airflow is important in maintaining good indoor air quality. With the right airflow, stagnant air is removed and indoor air is freshened.

To maintain natural airflow, open your windows more often and let the fresh air circulate in your home. You don’t want to invite too much moisture. And if there’s a renovation or construction project in your house and you have products with strong fumes, it’s best to keep your windows open. Typically, the best time to have a home construction or renovation is during the summer.

Also, clean your ducts regularly to prevent the buildup of fungus, pollen, and mold. In fact, you’ll save money by ensuring replacing air filters by yourself.

Have Air-purifying Plants

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Many homes nowadays have air-purifying plants. While houseplants have been in use for many decades, NASA’s study about the benefits of houseplants as air-purifying agents has renewed people’s interest in keeping houseplants again. Even the younger generation is into the trend. These plants not only provide additional clean air and oxygen inside your home. They also absorb particles that are bad for your health.

Control the Moisture

Dust mites and mold spores love hot humid air. Enjoying a hot bath, cooking, or using the tumble drier increases humidity at home. Keep the air inside your home dry to prevent dust mites and mold.

Air conditioners improve indoor air quality by drying the air in your home. They also refresh the stale air. If you want your air conditioner to work at its best, regularly clean their filters. Filters work by removing pollen and other impurities in the air.

You can also use a dehumidifier to help keep the air dry in damp spaces, such as the basement, where dust mites and mold often thrive.

If you fail to follow these tips, you’ll be exposing yourself and your loved ones to unclean air, which can cause respiratory and other health problems. Prevent this by controlling the moisture inside your home, cleaning all the sheets and carpets, maintaining the airflow, and taking care of indoor plants.




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