Loft Conversion: How to Plan It Effectively

Optimizing your existing home is a cost-effective endeavor. In addition, fitting out unused sections of your house adds value to the property. If you plan to make your empty attic turn into a usable space for the first time, find a professional who can do the best loft conversion in Bromley or any other location. For additional help, here are the vital points so that you can plan everything effectively:

Understand the Space

Figuring out if you can fit in the loft is common sense. Asses your current roof structure before you begin the conversion. Consider the head height. Experts allocate 2.5 meters of vertical space before the conversion to have comfortable headroom. Think about the things that you plan to be there and make sure anybody who will stay in the loft will be comfortable.

Loft room design

It’s important to consider proper ventilation in the loft, and a loft alteration professional can help you on this matter. In addition, they can provide recommendations on the best materials that you need for the conversion of the space.

Getting Council Approval

Before you can start doing a loft conversion, you need to get approval under the Building Regulations if the project requires extending your roof. Actually, this approval is different from obtaining planning permission.

The Building Control Officer will be your companion to conduct a thorough inspection of various work stages. He can issue a certificate once the last inspection has been completed. After this phase is the only time that you can proceed with a loft conversion.

Be familiar with the Party Wall Act 1996. It requires that you must inform your neighbors about the construction if you plan to live in a semi-apart or terraced property.  

Roof Replacement

The recommended pitch of the roof is 30 degrees and above. If there will be very little usable space, a roof replacement is a solution. If your roof is old, replacing it with a new one provides you with two things: a higher pitch with a more spacious structure and complete household safety.

Loft Lighting

Getting light into your loft is necessary. To enhance the lighting, adding windows to the gable walls will help. Most homeowners add rooflights at the back and front. Consult professional loft conversion experts to make inexpensive alterations with adequate loft lighting.

Loft Insulation

Installing insulation foam to loft roof

Investing in loft insulation is essential. Why? It improves your home’s coziness factor, and the material’s service life can be more than 40 years. Loft insulation can help you in decreasing energy bills by slowing down the transfer of heat between your loft and the outside world.

Interestingly, if you have loft insulation, it helps in creating a more relaxed home in summer, and a warmer one in winter. This will bring utmost comfort for the family, and you can help the environment by reducing the production of carbon footprint.

Your empty loft can be an amazing bedroom space for your future guests. If you want to ensure that your attic becomes attractive and functional, hire experts in a loft conversion for your convenience. They will never disappoint you by offering the best designs suitable for your needs.




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