Selling Your House in 2021? Some Suggestions

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If you are thinking of selling your house, 2021 is a good time to do it. In many countries, such as the U.S., the UK, and Australia, there is a boom in the market. Prices are high because there are many buyers and not enough houses for sale.

In the U.S., available homes this year are 30 percent fewer than in 2020, while demand remains high. The average price of a house is 16 percent higher than last year.

In the UK, house prices decreased by 0.5 percent in January 2021 but were still 7.5 percent higher than in January 2020. From February to March 2021, prices increased by £2,500 and demand rose to record highs. According to the HomeOwners Alliance, data from Rightmove show that home sales in February 2021 are seven percent higher than in February 2020.

In Australia, major banks are forecasting that home prices will increase by 10 percent in 2021 and by a further ten percent in 2022. Ten percent of homeowners are either already selling their homes or planning to do so within 12 months. Other homeowners are still waiting before putting their homes on the market, though, leaving many buyers frustrated. The inventory of homes for sale in major cities is at a 12-year low. Home sales in 2021 are 36 percent higher than in the same period in 2020.

Home Repairs and Improvement Before Selling

Even if it is a sellers’ market right now, you still want to get the best possible price for your property. Consult an experienced real estate agent on what changes you can do to raise the value of your house. Read up online, as well, for tips on making your home more attractive inside and outside. You will have to invest some amount in home improvement, but you will be gaining much more in pricing your home.

Check for outdated electricals and plumbing, blocked drains, roof leaks, rusty gutters, and spongy or creaking floorboards. The heating and air conditioning system must be up to date and working efficiently. These are the things that need immediate repair or replacement if they are not up to par.

Go room to room and check with a critical eye for anything that is in a state of disrepair. For instance, check for cabinet doors that are unhinged or do not close properly, from bedrooms to the kitchen. Check for shelves that are sagging in the middle. Oftentimes, because we live with these things day-to-day, they go unnoticed. If you are a professional carpenter yourself, you can buy some plywood sheets and other materials and work on these problems yourself. If you are not skilled, however, it is best to hire a professional to do the repairs instead.

Repaint every room of the house with a neutral color that will make it look bigger and brighter, and like a clean slate ready for the buyer’s preferences. This will eliminate the possibility of a buyer not wanting your home because you have different tastes in color. Stay away from a stark hospital white, though, and choose warmer creams and the lightest shades of beige or gray instead. Update knobs and handles, as well as lighting fixtures, to go with the paint job.

Check your house from the outside as if you are a stranger. Remember, curb appeal is important to many home buyers because it will be the image they present to others. Wash the house exterior but if it looks old and shabby, give it a new coat of paint, including the roof. Check online for the colors that buyers find attractive today. If you have a fence, include it in the repainting job. Repair any cracks in the driveway or walkway. Make sure your front lawn is well-tended but low maintenance.

Preparing for Home Viewing

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Declutter and get rid of eyesores. You will do this anyway when you move because you will not want to bring things you no longer need. Include the attic and the basement, if you have these, in decluttering. Make sure that the things you retain make up less than 75 percent of your storage space. If your closets are full to bursting, potential buyers will think that there is not enough storage space for them, as well.

Clean your house thoroughly afterward and maintain this level of cleanliness until you sell the house. Reach into areas you usually overlook, such as beneath heavy furniture and the corners of the ceiling. All windows must be clear. Make sure that tiles and grouts in the bathroom and kitchen are stain-free. Metal fixtures must be gleaming, with no water stains. Replace your shower curtain with a new one. It is best to hire professional cleaners to deep clean carpets and heavy curtains; however, if your carpets are threadbare and your curtains are outdated, replace them with new ones that are not too expensive and are neutral.

Before any viewing by prospective buyers, make sure all rooms are neat. Remove very personal items like family photos and trophies so that the buyers can imagine themselves living in the space. Empty all trash bins and freshen the air with an organic and pleasant-smelling anti-odor spray.

Tying up the Sale

Make sure you are working with a trustworthy and experienced agent when selling your house. Not only will your agent help you get the best price possible, but he or she will also be of great help in processing the necessary paperwork to complete a sale.

While selling the house, you must also be preparing where you will move to. Then it is time for you to let go of the house and start your new life elsewhere.




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