Renovating Your Old Bathroom for Modern Times

modern bathroom design

For some people, the most important room in the house is the bathroom. It is where they are at their most stress-free and where they go to enjoy some solitude. This is why a bathroom renovation is serious business. Everything needs to go perfectly. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks that you can use for a total bathroom overhaul, which can leave you feeling extremely relaxed once it is complete. Here are some ideas for how to renovate the space to give it a completely new feel:

1. Play around with the mirrors.

One simple way to give your bathroom a fresh look is to add, replace, or reframe your mirror. Adding a new frame to your old mirror can make it look new. You can also replace the wash mirror with a full-length mirror to add the illusion of space. Adding two mirrors can also make the space look interesting and bigger.

2. Install a new tub.

This may be a bit of a splurge, but adding a fancy new tub can really improve your bathroom experience while also increasing the value of your home. You will have a huge variety of bathtubs to choose from, depending on what you enjoy. There are tubs that are designed for hydrotherapy and maximum relaxation, such as whirlpool tubs. In Utah, you can order a whirlpool tub online or find a showroom that will let you see it in person. You can also install a tub that doubles as a Jacuzzi or simply a plush-looking soaking tub.

3. Change the lids and covers.

You don’t always need a complete renovation to make your bathroom feel new. Replacing the worn-out lids and seats on the toilet is a good way to make it look new. You can also add a pop of color to the lids or replace porcelain or plastic ones with wood. This can add a luxurious feel to the bathroom. But if you want to go all out, replacing your toilet with a high-tech alternative is also a good move.

4. Add some unique lights.

Proper lighting can invigorate your space and make it feel new like nothing else. You can add lights behind the bathroom mirror or on the cabinet to give it a hotel-bathroom feel. Spotlights can also achieve the same effect. Try to go for soft, warm colors, which are relaxing and flattering, rather than white light. You can also install blue LEDs on your tub to make it feel like you are at a spa.

5. Add a splash of paint.

bathroom in modern bathroom design

Adding a splash of paint can brighten up your bathroom and cover up any signs of age. You can pick shades of pastel that are soothing or do something bold on one wall, such as adding a fun wallpaper or paint it pink. You can also add some color by installing a new backsplash or even by painting the glass in the windows to achieve a vintage, stained-glass effect.

Renovating a bathroom is a fun DIY activity. Whether your budget is big or limited, there are ideas that can be implemented in any scenario. Go out there and have fun creating your sacred space.




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