Remodel Ideas for Having the best Version of Your Bedroom’s Design Style

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When most people think of a home remodel, few put their bedrooms in the picture. Even so, the ones who include their bedrooms are focused on maximizing their available floor space rather than the style. Though you might not spend as much of your time in the bedroom as you do in the common rooms, this does not mean that its décor should be any less appealing than in the rest of your home.

With a few bedroom makeover ideas for your home remodeling in Salt Lake City, you can transform the style of your bedroom irrespective of its floor space. Exceptional bedroom styles are not preserved for people with expensive mansions or deep pockets. Several style options exist that will fit all budgets and room orientations. The following are ideas that will help you maximize your bedroom’s style.

Embrace Minimalism

You will not only add space to your bedroom by embracing minimalism, but you will create a chic and modern style. Pair some of your favorite essentials to minimize the space occupied by your bedroom furniture and accessories. Your bed might, for instance, be a cozy sleeping nook with storage space on its underside. Even better — look for sleek and contemporary built-ins for the storage of small items like underwear and jewelry to keep your bedroom uncluttered.

Add Bold Wallpaper


Bold wallpaper colors and designs can open up your bedroom while making it look stylish. This does not mean the addition of bold wallpaper to your entire bedroom but rather on one wall that you will make the focal one in your room like the headboard wall. Too much bold wallpaper will make your space look cluttered and drab. The best choice for a stylish bedroom is wallpaper with large-scale patterns instead of small bust patterns. Ensure you coordinate your beddings with the new wallpaper to generate cohesion.

Create Some Interest with Floating Shelves

Think about what floating stairs will do to your indoor look. Floating décor elements have a way of generating an airy feeling in a room, and making it look stylishly creative and large. The floating shelves installed in your bedroom can be used as nightstands, bookcases, laptop desks, and places for holding your jewelry boxes. They will also reduce the clutter in your room and maximize your available floor space.

Add a Wall Niche or Alcove

In new constructions, the drywall is often hollow and will be supported using 2×4 studs that will be 16’’ apart. You can have an alcove installed in the space occupied by your bed’s wall beams. This alcove might not be as deep, but it is all you need to create a stylish place where you can place small items like alarm clocks and personal items.

The above remodel ideas seem easy to handle provided you have a few hardware supplies, tools, and a DIY instructional. Without an expert remodeling company, however, they will become the biggest mistake you make as a property owner. While you might want to save on costs with a DIY remodel, the amount you will use in repairs with DIY remodeling will be far less than what you saved.




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