Raising Energy Efficiency and Lowering Costs of Owning a High-Rise Building

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Owning a high-rise building can mean profiting from your tenants’ rent. However, you shouldn’t forget about the costs that come with it. One of the larger ones is electricity, as you need it for many of the features that you have, including your lights, air conditioning, heating, and even your elevators. Thankfully, you can take these measures to reduce the financial burden on you and earn more in the process.

Install Energy-Saving Lights

Lighting is necessary for a high-rise building. After all, it’s an enclosed space. Because of this, it’s practically a given that it would consume a notable amount of energy. However, even if there is rarely a time to turn off the lights, you can reduce your long-term lighting costs by using the energy-saving LED versions of bulbs instead of fluorescent ones.

You can ask a provider of commercial lighting services to choose the best types for each area and install them for you. If you can, you may also put in a system that automatically turns them on and off depending on whether there are people or not.

Upgrade Your Temperature Control

Another aspect of energy consumption that you should look into is your temperature control. It’s a must to be able to regulate heat and cold according to the weather, as it helps people inside become more comfortable. This applies especially to the common areas where your systems are directly affecting individuals.

However, having to change settings manually and only using one set of controls for everything can cost you more energy than you would like. You may want to invest not only in the latest HVAC system but also thermostats that automatically adjust according to varying temperatures and needs of different areas.

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Optimize Windows and Doors

It’s quite possible to overlook it, but your openings play a significant role in regulating your energy costs. As mentioned earlier, temperature control is important, and your windows and doors are related to it. If they’re not installed or sealed properly, they could get leaks, which can result in a higher energy cost for maintaining a certain level of heat or cold.

Be sure to make regular inspections and replace any doors and windows that are already faulty or old. You would have to spend some money, but at least you’ll get to save more for the long-term.

Consider Sub-Metering

Your tenants create a large part of your energy consumption, and their part is the one that you cannot change yourself. While it’s not possible to force them into conserving energy, you can give them a reason to do it themselves. Putting in a sub-meter for their electricity will give them a better idea of the amount of their consumption.

They will also have to pay a larger sum the more they use energy, so they have more reason to lower their usage. Seeing as people are more aware of green options, your tenants will be likely to avail of more efficient appliances and equipment.

Making your building more efficient in consuming electricity will not only lower its cost, but it can also help the environment. If you’re someone who is also interested in the green movement, then you will find these improvements as a great way of contributing to the cause.




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