Improvements You Need in Your Basement


So you have decided to improve your basement! Your basement a precious real estate space that should not be put to waste. Whether you hired a basement contractor to convert it into an extra bedroom, recreational room, or home office, your comfort is of utmost importance. So it is necessary to ensure that your basement room is property ventilated with great indoor air quality.

Why Proper Ventilation Matters

Improving the ventilation in your basement improves air quality. With proper ventilation, you can reduce indoor air contaminants and control the humidity in your basement. High humidity makes your basement a wonderland for mold and mildew. Excess moisture can also damage your furniture, fixtures, and appliances. Indoor air contaminants, on the other hand, come from chemicals that may have been used during your renovation and basement remodeling. They can come from glues, particle boards, and cleaning compounds that you use.

Proper ventilation is not only for your comfort, but it is for your health as well. It will also protect your property from moisture-related damages which can be costly if ignored. These are some benefits of a well-ventilated basement:

  • Say good-bye to musty smells. The damp and moldy smell is never ideal for basement bedrooms, gyms, or family rooms. Proper ventilation can get rid of these uncomfortable smells.
  • Save money on your utility bills. Energy-efficient windows can reduce the need for heating and cooling in your basement.
  • Make a healthier environment for you and your family. By ensuring the quality of your basement’s indoor air, you reduce the risks of allergies and asthma.
  • Reduce the risks of radon gas. Radon gas is commonly found in basements and has caused thousands of deaths in the US. A basement with good airflow reduces radon gas levels.
  • Make your basement room more comfortable. If you have converted your basement into a bedroom, then making it comfortable and healthy is a must.

You can improve airflow and air quality in your basement, and you don’t have spend a lot of money when you do the following suggestions.

Build Doors And Windows.

Doors and windows are natural means of giving you natural basement ventilation. Doors and windows allow cooler and fresher air inside while letting out polluted and stale air. Position your windows where they can get the most outdoor air inside. Your windows should allow for easy opening and closing. They must also be weatherproof, to protect your newly remodeled basement from inconvenient flooding during heavy rains.

You can install glass block windows that come with vinyl air vents, which can give your basement a supply of fresh air. They can be custom-made according to your preferred size and shape. The best thing is, they require no maintenance at all.

You can install vinyl windows that come with removable screens. You can choose between a hopper window that opens towards you if you are inside or an awning window that opens your home outward.

Another option is an egress window, which is a large opening that can serve as your emergency exit.

Install A Mechanical Ventilation System.

In some basements, natural ventilation such as windows and doors may not be sufficient to keep it cooler and less humid. Installing mechanical ventilation means, such as a fan, can force indoor air out and push fresh air inside. Here are some of the mechanical means to ensure the ventilation of your basement room.


Forced-Air System. Your home’s HVAC system is an example of a forced-air system. Your HVAC works by taking the cold indoor air, filters it, then heats it with a furnace. This cycle will go on until the indoor air temperature is the same as the temperature that you set in your thermostat. Most HVAC systems also come with dehumidifiers, to ensure that your basement stays free from moisture and mold.

Exhaust Fans. The work of an exhaust fan is pretty straightforward. It pushes the stale air in your basement outside and pushes in fresh and clean air from outside.

Use Portable Ventilation.

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Portable ventilation is probably one of the most economical options that you can have. Portable ventilation will not require construction and installation activities. It will not require you to make a hole in your wall or drill into your ceiling. You can use an air purifier to clean the indoor air in your basement by using several filter stages. You can also use a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels at bay.

When you install proper ventilation systems in your basement, you ensure your family’s comfort and safety by providing them healthy and quality air. You also protect your electronics and furniture from moisture and mold, saving you money in the long run.




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