Modernize Your Living Room with These Suggestions

The living room is a social part of your house where interaction takes place. This is an area where you relax after a long day, spend time with the family or watch some good shows on TV.

This look of this living space, however, can become bland over time. Since you’ll be spending most of your time in this area, you’ll want your living room to look and feel modern and awesome.

Here are seven interior design ideas to transform the appearance of your beloved space:

  1. Change up the Flooring

The floor in your living room can make a huge statement. If you have funds to remodel your home, choose a flooring material that’s functional and fits well with the modern style you want.

A good example is Karndean flooring. This type of vinyl floor consists of polyvinyl, chloride and limestone (also known as calcium carbonate). Reach out to a trusted Karndean supplier to install flooring that will help you create a modern appearance in your living space.

  1. Think about Your Living Room’s Colour Scheme

When you want a modern living interior, opt for a neutral colour palette. A neutral design scheme creates a simplistic and classic appearance. Remember that a modern living room should be minimalistic and straightforward.  Examples of tasteful neutral tones include white and black, khaki and avocado green.

  1. Make Your Living Area Transparent

Another design idea that you could consider is to ditch your traditional opaque walls with glass. Using glass walls in your house can make your interior look visually pleasing when you’re looking from the outside.

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  1. Add Low-Slung Furniture to Your Living Room

Low-slung and simplistic furniture can give your living space a distinctly modern vibe. When shopping for this type of furniture, the material matters. Look for tactile touches, such as iron, leather and marble, to pull off a minimal and modern feel to your living room.

  1. Change Your Lighting

If you want to enjoy your living area, you’ll need to see it properly. Say goodbye to outdated light fixtures, as they place homes firmly in the past.

When replacing the lighting in your living room, marry form and function. Doing so makes your area aesthetically pleasing. The right lighting also helps tie the decorative elements together. A few examples of modern lighting include curved floor lamps, funky bubble lighting fixtures and bulbous pendant lights. They’ll serve as conversation starters when you invite guests over to your house.

  1. Add Funky Artwork

Statement photos and paintings for your wall art are ok, but you can do better than that. Get creative by adding abstract artwork, such as mushroom lighting and three-dimensional line squiggles. Your living area will become more exciting when you mix up what you decide to display as “art.”

  1. Experiment with Shapes

When modernizing the look of your living room, clean lines is the name of the game. This means going with squares and rectangles.

Add some modern twist to your living area by adding cubed storage. Also, think about upgrading your couch to a sleeker style if it appears misshapen or puffy. The important thing here is to incorporate continuous lines as much as possible.

These seven decorating ideas can help you modernize your living space. These suggestions will surely make your living room more lively and interesting.




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