Learn to Cook with Wood

People had been cooking with wood fires for thousands of years before gas and coal flames became popular. However, people have gotten spoiled over the years. With microwaves and gas stoves, people have perfect control over their cooking needs. But there is something quite natural about cooking a meal over a wood fire. If you want to try it, here are a few tips:

The Right Stuff

Outdoor cooking

Before anything, you’ll need to have the proper equipment. When cooking with wood, there are two options. First, you can cook over an open fire. It’s like camping and pretty simple. Just build a fire pit and have the essential cooking equipment, then you should be good to go.

The second option is for you to have a cooking device that is fueled by wooden fuel. The leading choice is a barbecue grill. Several grills and smokers out there can be pretty complicated but have the same basic idea. There are also wood stoves that hearken back to the Colonial Era. You can easily buy grills and wood-burning stoves in Utah and other states.

Open Fires

When you’re cooking on an open fire, you might think that it will be easy. Most people get the food on a stick, pan, or pot and place it over the fire. That is a big mistake. The first thing that you have to remember is that you should not put the food directly on the open fire. This is a recipe for your meal to end up being burnt.

Another tip is not to waste your fuel in the start. The key is to start the fire at a reasonable level while you have a store of wood. This ensures that you have fuel ready. Finally, there is a need to learn how carryover cooking works. Your food still cooks even when it leaves the flame. When you think that the food is close to being done, take it off the flame so that it cools down and rests a bit. This makes it perfect for eating when it is time to chow down.

Grills and Wood-burning Stoves

When you’re working with a grill or a stove, there is a notable difference. For one, you have a ready-made structure to put the wood in. Grills and stoves make it easy to channel the heat. The first step is to identify where you can cook the food. Stoves and grills have areas where it is better to prepare particular types of food.

The other thing to know when working with grills and stoves is that you can use a lid. This allows you to trap the heat, which can help cook food faster. Finally, you need to have gloves and tongs to protect yourself when cooking.

Cook Well

Wood fire cooking

There is nothing like cooking over a wood fire. It is like going back in time, before electricity and gas. The tips above can ensure that the experience will be both delicious and simple. If you’ve got a grill or a wood stove, try it for one meal and see the results.




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