Best Plant Options for Landscaping Around Your Swimming Pool

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Some elements of a house in the past were primarily meant for high-end properties. One of these is the swimming pool. Nowadays, swimming pools are, however, a part of almost all properties irrespective of the owners’ budgets. The affordability of pools is attributed to the use of modern building materials and technologies that have reduced the overall cost of constructing them. While pools were primarily functional for some time in the past, they are now a part of your outdoor and sometimes indoor décor.

You should thus get nobody other than a custom pool contractor from a Utah-based company to handle your pool’s construction. This way, you can get the right décor elements for your pool to match the surroundings of your home. The popular landscaping elements around your pool to transform it into an oasis and relaxation spot are plants. These also boost the privacy of your swimming pool; an essential aspect for outdoor pools. The following are among the best plant alternatives to have around your swimming pool.


These are an ideal choice for your privacy when enjoying a dip in your pool. Moreover, shrubs will comfortably handle the water splashes typical around your pool that might affect the integrity of the materials used around the pool. Hydrangeas are among the best shrub alternatives around your pool. Tropical hibiscus will also suffice for introducing sun-loving blooms and some lusciousness around your pool.



wners because of their low maintenance needs. They also have a high water-retaining capacity that will keep the area around your pool dry and safe. Succulents come in several colors, forms, and shapes guaranteed to match the other elements in your property. Small succulents like sedum and aeonium provide an intricate beauty that will fill the bare sections around your pool. Large succulents like Yucca and Crassula have a rich green color that will add some vibrancy to your pool area.


Palm trees are considered the epitome of pool sides since they create a tropical atmosphere in your property. The palm trees have ample shade for the area around your pool and some leaf drop that will minimize the debris in your pool. Other than palm trees, consider having dwarf-sized fruit trees around the pool to add some color in your landscape.

Salt-Tolerant Plants

Saltwater does not affect some plants, but the frequent splashing of your pool’s water might kill others. The ideal choice for your landscape is a salt-tolerant plant variety that will withstand the effects of the saline water in your pool. The best include Holly and the Century plant. You can add color to your swimming pool with Blanket flower and Daylilies. While numerous plant varieties are salt-tolerant, some might drop blooms and leaves into your pool and make maintenance challenging.

The above plant alternatives make a significant difference between a simple functional and exceptional-looking pool. You should nonetheless not believe the plants are simply planted around your pool. A professional will first consider your soil and the materials around your pool to pick plants that will thrive and beautify your landscape without affecting the pool construction materials.




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