Keep Your Building Secure with These Useful Tips

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When you own a large facility or office building, you will eventually attract those who will seek to steal from you or from your employees. As the owner, it is your responsibility to protect your business from various aggressors such as thieves, disgruntled employees, and vandals. There are various security options available to you.   Here’s a guide on what is effective and what is not when it comes to building security:

Have an Outer Perimeter

One of the best ways to stop bad guys from coming to your property is to have outer perimeter security. Though wire fencing is popular nowadays, it is easy enough to find concrete fencing in American Fork and other cities; this is a better option. The importance of an outer perimeter is that it filters out those who want to get close to your building and steal something. Your people will be able to see those who don’t belong there.

Besides fencing, you should install proper lighting so that even at night, you will be able to see if there are trespassers. You should also do your best to remove any trees and shrubs that could provide hiding places for intruders and potential access to windows.

Limit Entrances and Exits

For the building proper, you will want to limit the number of entrances and exits. This allows you to better control where people can pass through. When you channel people through specific locations, you are in control of who gets in and out. Knowing all of the exits and entrances means you can assign guards there to ensure that no one goes where they are not supposed to.

That is why it is important to have a reception area. This is your main entrance and can allow you to inspect visitors. A receptionist can look over a person’s credentials and can call security if necessary.

Install a Security System

Cameras, alarms, and electronic locks are the important components or focus of your security system. Cameras allow you to see who is going where and video records can be helpful in identifying and tracking down intruders and thieves. Alarms are more effective these days. If someone enters a locked or restricted area, a triggered alarm can frighten them off and summon help. Finally, electronic locks, whether they are secured by key cards or biometrics, limit access to restricted locations.

Hire a Security Team

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All of these efforts would not be useful if you don’t have a security team. There should be security personnel in the area. You should hire an agency with a good reputation and enough people to do the job properly. Security guards provide you with the manpower to deal with threats and are excellent crime deterrents. If someone does breach your security, having professional security guards on the premises ensures that you have an immediate response ready.

Proper security ensures that your employees and property are protected from those who want to do them harm. The tips above can be used to dramatically increase the effects of your security efforts. With their help, you can be sure that your building and everyone occupying it is safe.




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