Carpeting Your Home: Basic Selection Guidelines

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Floors are a significant part of your house and they contribute to the overall ambience of your property. Unfortunately, choosing a flooring type can be nerve-wracking. Even with a specific option in mind, the varieties within each type is enormous. When using carpeting, it is essential to pick the right one so that it will boost the decor and add to the functionality.   If you are planning to get one, this guide can help you make the right choice.

Consider Your Décor Style

You shouldn’t choose a carpet simply because you like it. Consider your overall style and color scheme and choose one that fits in seamlessly. Go for colors that create comfort for your living areas and those that complement other elements so that they are easy on the eyes.

Scrutinize Its Functionality

For it to stay put, consider the area of installation, the presence of kids and pets, your lifestyle, and foot traffic. These will determine the type of carpet construction that is appropriate for you.

Evaluate Durability

The longevity of your carpet is essential. In most cases, the yarn composition determines how well it will hold up. High pile carpets feel great and are cozy. However, they may not hold well in high traffic areas. For these, opt for low pile options that are tolerant to high foot traffic. It is appropriate for the living rooms and the hallways. Their rate of wear and tear on rough handling and crashing forces is bearable. Use the high pile construction for areas requiring comfort but with less traffic, such as the bedroom.

Don’t Forget the Underlay

The cushion padding and the carpet work together to form a complete flooring system. Since it is invisible, the underlay may appear insignificant. However, it has an impact on the lifespan of your carpeting. Some sellers will consider it void and not act on your warranty if you do not accompany the carpet with an appropriate underlay. An appropriate one will add to the comfort of your carpet while insulating and soundproofing your floor.

As a result, you end up with a quieter and warmer house. When choosing one, ask your provider of carpet services in Utah or any other location to guide you on getting a perfect match for your carpet.


While carpets add to the comfort of your home, they can also be a source of misery. Spills, pet dander, stains, dust, and allergens are easy to trap within the fibers. This part of your flooring can be a source of terrible odors and allergies if maintenance is not top-notch. Since some carpets are easier to clean than others, consider your availability against the need for cleaning services. Evaluate if you have the time and resources to hire cleaning services regularly before choosing hard to clean carpets.

Pay Attention to the Installation Requirements

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The installation process is the final step of accomplishing your desired floor dressing. It determines how well everything falls into place. You are better off seeking the services of professional carpet dealers to ensure proper installation. They understand issues such as seam picking, sprouting, and applicable recommendations as given by the manufacturer.

A carpet serves more than the primary purpose of adding aesthetic appeal to your house. However, for it to fit in well, you need to scrutinize the different aspects mentioned above.




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