How Much Should You Spend in Seattle for Professional Window Cleaning?

The cost of professional window cleaning services here in Seattle may range from $122 to $491 for a one-time service, but most homeowners in the city usually spend $306 to hire a contractor. Your actual expenses will depend on certain factors such as the number of panes, time and effort for removing dirt on fixtures.

If you live in an apartment, a professional may need special equipment and tools to clean the windows’ exterior. People who live in high-rise buildings shouldn’t try to clean windows for their safety. On the other hand, those who plan to stage their homes should consider professional cleaners to make sure no spot is left uncleaned.

Do Contractors Charge the Same Rates?

Contractors in Seattle may charge differently, although expect average rates to be quite the same for most service providers in King County. Labor fees will usually depend on the number of windows at your home or per hour of rendered service. Some companies may charge between $2 and $7 per window pane for washing.

Talk to at least three contractors to compare rates. If spending less than $100 means that a contractor only cleans windows, you’re better off paying another one who offers to clean all windows plus doors for around $300.

This arrangement may only work for large houses, so ask about any service inclusions when comparing prices.

Are There Extra Charges?

Most professional cleaners will give a breakdown of expenses for each service, but you should expect to pay more for work that’s not covered on a usual basis. Contractors may charge up to $5 per windowsill and tracks, while cleaning sliding glass doors may cost up to $8 per door.

Windows with hard water stains may also cost more than just removing dust and dirt from windows. The typical price for removing hard water stains may reach up to $20 per pane. The cost increases when windows are in a higher place.

Some cleaners may charge a different rate for windows at the first and second floors, but you can estimate the additional price between $3 and $5 for every window at a higher location.

Frequency of Window Cleaning

Cleaning the window outside the building

How often do you clean your windows? DIY cleaning can be done weekly to avoid spending on deep-cleaning them once every year. However, most of us don’t have time to do this because of a busy schedule. Even if we do, it’s better to change the sheets in the bedroom that should be cleaned ideally once every week.

Not all windows require the same frequency of cleaning. You may only need to clean some window treatments once every month, while other types need weekly cleaning. It also depends on how easy it is for your windows to become dirty.

Hire an insured contractor for your protection, especially if you need them to clean windows on the upper floors. If possible, a service provider that also cleans gutters will be a worthwhile expense when the need arises for both window and roof cleaning.




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