Finding the Right Bedding for a Relaxing Sleep

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Having quality sleep is crucial for your health. So, if you are unsatisfied with your bedding – with scratchy sheets that stick to your skin, and a mattress that hurts your back – you’re probably not getting a good night’s sleep.

If that is the case, it is time you invest in cosy high-quality bedding. But do not just buy any expensive bedsheet or mattress. Here is a practical guide to choosing the right bedding:

1. Bedsheet Thread Count and Quality

You’ve probably heard softer sheets have a higher thread count. While this is typically true, some manufacturers claim to have a higher thread count by using thin, substandard threads. How to know you are buying the best sheets?

Manufacturers can only really weave 350 to 400 high-quality threads together. Anything more may not necessarily feel soft and cosy when you sleep. Ideally, you should choose sheets with 200 to 400 threads.

A higher thread count traps more heat during the summer, so get the smoothest, most breathable option. However, if you want warmer, cosier sheets for the winter months, you may choose a higher thread count. Apart from the number of threads, consider the quality of the bedding.

For instance, a French-woven Egyptian cotton percale sheet has a thread count of 200. But it is made with high-quality cotton and an excellent weaving technique. So always check the quality of the thread.

2. Know Your Bedding Material

woman choosing a bed sheet in the storeThe quality of the thread also depends on the bedding material. If you tend to wake up all warm and sweaty at night, you should change your sheets. Sheets made of polyester may be easy to smooth out. But polyester is a synthetic material, which means it is not as breathable as natural ones.

Opt for natural materials like regular cotton, bamboo, or pure linen. You can check out online bedding sellers or stores for good deals. Once you stop using synthetic sheets, you will get to sleep through the night without waking up in sweaty discomfort.

Want to sleep like you are in a luxurious 5-star hotel? Choose bedding materials like Egyptian cotton and Pima or Peruvian cotton. These beddings are pricier, but for many, they are surely worth the cost. You can also try silk pillowcases. It is a lot softer, which makes it healthier for your skin, especially for your face.

Silk pillowcases even keep your hair from getting tangled throughout the night.

3. Test the Softness or Firmness of the Mattress

When it comes to choosing a mattress, it’s best to actually go in a store and test how comfortable it is. Some people like it firm, others prefer it soft or bouncy. Whatever your preference, make sure you are buying a bed that feels good on your back.

For those who like a firm base, check out foam or latex mattresses. These typically do not have a lot of spring, so it’s usually thick and dense. Expect to feel like you are sinking in softly as you sleep when you choose this type of mattress.

Want a bed with a bouncy feel? Innerspring mattresses will better suit you. It has interconnected coils which help make it last longer. Want to lessen mattress movement when someone moves on the bed? You can choose innerspring mattresses that feature individual pocketed coils covered with fabric.

This can help you stay asleep even if your partner tends to move and toss in bed.

Maintain Your Bedding and Keep Sleeping Better

Once you have found the right bedding, you’ll sleep more soundly throughout the night. Just make sure to maintain your beddings properly. Check the laundry instructions to keep the sheets in good condition. While it seems good to use fabric softener, it might be better to avoid it.

Fabric softeners have chemicals that can wear out the threads over time. Remember, a quality bedding is an investment that can last for years.




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