How to Incorporate Wood Into Your Home’s Design

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If you’re venturing into an organic-looking aesthetic for your house, you may want to consider wood. This nature’s gift can serve as your main motif for your house design. It can compete with other construction materials when it comes to durability.

Aside from durability, it’s also important to mention wood’s important role in sustainability. The organic material is renewable which is good for the environment. Even builders are advocating wood as an alternative to what we have been using such as steel and concrete. It can even be one of the solutions to climate change.

With these being said, you may have already convinced yourself to use wood for your house design. But how are you going to effectively incorporate this material? Check out the following tips that you can apply.


Nothing beats a wooden set of furniture inside the house. Whether they are built from pine wood or the ones you can buy at IKEA, furniture made from wood can stand out on its own. However, you have to consider one thing before buying wooden furniture. Make sure they would match your house’s whole vibe.

Wood can go well with other materials. And of course, they could go very well if you’ve built your house to showcase an organic feel. But there are some factors that could affect your choice of wooden furniture. This includes the house’s structure, its paint color, and all the other materials used to construct your house. So if you’re planning to buy wooden furniture for your house, you can consult an interior expert first.


Wooden doors look extravagant and grand. It adds a natural feel to a structure built wholly with concrete. Doors made of wood are very noticeable they can even accentuate a whole building. If it does enough beautification in large structures, it can also do its job in residential houses. You can try incorporating wooden doors for a more luxurious look in your property. The ones with some intricately carved front are a typical choice.

You can also go minimalist by choosing wooden doors that are plain flat with the absence of patterns. If you’re getting a particular design for the main entrance, make sure to get similarly crafted doors for your rooms. Everything should match for cohesiveness.

Window frames

Steel window frames may be good but wooden ones can actually look better. It’s a great way to use wood for your house’s interior styling. And also since window frames are minimally observed, you can use inexpensive kinds of wood for this part. You can go choose a shiny lacquer finish for a stylish take on wooden window frames.

Meanwhile, going against the grain is also an option. Use darker colored wood for a more cabin-like vibe. Your window frames will serve as background elements. But they can surely put more emphasis on a house’s silhouettes and accents.

wood floor


A wooden floor surface can bring uniqueness to your house’s design. The floor isn’t just something you could see. It’s a part of the house that you can actually feel since you’re stepping on it. It’s going to add a whole experience to your living space. If you want your house to induce extra heat in the winter, a wooden floor surface can be an option.

There is a variety of flooring systems you can use for the different parts of your house. Entertainment and bedrooms can have hardwood flooring. Meanwhile, the kitchen and bathroom can have engineered floors. This type of wooden floor can cope with spills and moisture.

Walls and ceiling

Exude splendor when you incorporate wood into your house’s walls and ceiling. This technique can literally leave your guests in awe with the design choice. It’s very rare to see an entire interior made up of wood. That’s why it’s unforgettable. Bring this astonishing view outside by applying wooden elements to your house’s exteriors. You can do this with the help of custom home building companies. They can bring this magnificent vision into reality.

Pool deck

Speaking of outdoor embellishments, you can enhance your pool decks with wooden elements. Give it a resort-hotel feel that you’ll mostly enjoy especially during the daytime. Decorate its surroundings with stylish lamps to add sophistication during the night. Bring in the tropical components by placing wooden structures and ornamental plants.

Imagine how relaxing it would feel if you’re spending your weekend in a pool like this. It’s going to be a haven for people who like a serene sanctuary in their homes. Incorporating wood into your pool deck design can bring out a different dimension to its layout.




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