Ideas that Can Create Cozy Nooks and Spaces in Your Home

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There is nothing like creating your very own haven within your home. Your entire house should be a sanctuary from these crazy times. However, having your own special and intimate space (that’s not your bedroom) can be a cathartic way for you and your family members to unwind and forget about the stresses of your day. Whether it’s a special reading nook or your home’s outdoor living spaces, there are so many things you can do and decorative elements you can incorporate to ensure that space is extra cozy and relaxing.

Here are some pointers for creating cozy and intimate spaces in your home.

Layers, layers, layers

When it comes to creating a warm and cozy space, layers are your best friend. Aside from the basics, which are the seating area and perhaps a coffee table, here are the other items you need to incorporate into the space:

  • Area rugs
  • Blankets
  • Throws
  • Scented candles
  • Cushions upon cushions

Opt for items with stunning winter textures like sheepskin, velvet, and thick knits—these will be perfect since we’re entering the colder seasons. However, if your cozy space is located in your yard or front porch, opt for outdoor-friendly cushion covers with the right textures and materials so that they can withstand the elements. Once you’ve mastered the art of layering, you’ve already won half the battle.

Use a spare closet

When we think of a dreamy nook, the images we conjure up in our minds (and from Pinterest!) always involve a window overlooking the street or the greenery in the yard. Still, a spare closet in your home can also be a wonderful alternative, especially if you have introverts in the house.

Extra closets are usually used to dump or stash some items that the family no longer uses. But if you want to be strategic with how you use every area, consider turning the extra closet space into a reading nook or a place where family members can have some private talks. If you can fit in a built-in bench that’s comfortable enough to sit on, some extra storage space below will also add some function to the nook.

Be strategic with odd spaces

Unfortunately, not all houses have impeccable architecture. If there are corners in your home that you find are a bit awkward or have no idea how to utilize them, don’t let them go to waste. Find a way to turn an odd or uncomfortable space into a sitting nook—you can use shiplap walls and add an attractive light fixture or pendant, making the odd area look more intentional.

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Explore empty wall spaces

If certain rooms in your home have extra spaces or negative walls with nothing on them, consider having a built-in bench or daybed installed. One example of negative spaces in homes is the space between the dresser and closet. You can maximize this extra space by adding a comfortable floor cushion, shelves, fun accents, plush toys, throws, pillows, and even string lights.

Leverage a sun-drenched corner of your home

A nook becomes extra cozy and comfortable when you can look at the view of the street or your backyard. There’s nothing like a comfortable accent chair in a sun-drenched corner of your room, with plants to the side and a thick woolly blanket to keep you warm. It’s also the perfect place to read since you would be basking in natural light throughout the day.

Add plenty of indoor plants

When creating an intimate nook, we walk a thin line between cozy and messy. This is why we need to be strategic in placement and choosing the elements to incorporate, especially if we want the nook to look cohesive despite the influx of decorative items in the space.

One thing you can do to ensure that the space doesn’t look too maximalist is by using plants to tie the area together. You can opt for a more neutral color palette for everything else since the plants would provide vibrance to the space. Choose organic decor like succulents, rubber trees, and even hanging plants that will not only look good but also offer multiple health benefits.

No matter the size of our home, we can find a corner that we can transform into a haven from our day-to-day stresses and distressing headlines. Just be strategic with your design choices, look into trends, and don’t be afraid to use elements that will warm up the space. You and your family deserve a sanctuary in the coming years.




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