How to Brighten Up Your Home for the Summer

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When moving from the cold seasons to the bright, warm summer, it slowly becomes apparent to many homeowners that their homes need a little more polish. The heavy, dark colors that the cold weather brings are just not the best match for the vibrance of the current season.

Shed off all the gloominess and welcome the sun through a long overdue makeover for your home. This is also the perfect time to get some cleaning and maintenance done, especially if you have been putting those off for a while.

How to Transform Your Home for the Summer

Revamping your home for the season should not totally feel like a chore. Here are ideas that are equal parts fun and productive for your summer home improvement project.

1. Repair what needs repairing.

The scorching heat of the summer can sometimes be a hassle, especially if it causes leaks and broken home equipment. Early on into the summer, take the time to make repairs where necessary to avoid experiencing problems down the line.

One important task is to check for leaks—and we don’t just mean water leaks. Air leaks can also happen when openings in the home are not properly sealed.

The doors and windows of your house are important to weatherstrip but don’t forget to have your garage door serviced regularly as well. Sealing these improves energy efficiency by helping maintain the temperature in the room.

Check your drainages to clean out mineral deposits and remove blockages. Your gutters and downspouts can also accumulate debris, so inspect and clean these out, too.

These are just some of the less obvious parts of the home that may need fixing. Remember that when you see an issue in your home interiors and exteriors, solving it immediately keeps it from growing into a larger concern in the future!

2. Do some cleaning up.

Deep cleaning and decluttering are associated with spring, but that does not mean that some dusting and tidying up becomes unnecessary in the summer. Since you will be doing a lot of inspecting to update your home, easily hit two birds with one stone by cleaning up as you check on what needs changing.

You will be using your fans a lot during the warmer months, so dust your fans and clean your vents to improve air quality at home. Clean your patios and porches, too, and remove fallen leaves and cobwebs.

Don rsquo;t forget to look through your refrigerator and take out things that are spoiled and reorganize the contents. Summer is a great season for new kitchen adventures. Best to have the fridge prepared!

3. Enhance the space with scents.

When your home needs a little more freshness, the best answer is not always a visual change. Hold off rearranging furniture and buying new decorations for now. Sometimes, what your home really needs is just better scents wafting through the space.

The summer is a great time to introduce happy scents. You can’t go wrong with fruity smells such as lemon, orange, and other citruses. A clean, cottony smell, such as those from linen spray fragrances, also works if you want things a little subtler.

4. Tend to your garden.

Breathing new life into your home includes beautifying your garden and outdoor spaces.

Trim your lawn and make sure to water your plants deeply (but not too much) and regularly. Take note that you should not cut your grass too short because it gets in the way of them retaining moisture during the warm season.

Plant warm-season vegetables, too, and start your own vegetable garden! Some popular summer crops are eggplant, pumpkin, and tomato.

5. Change your color scheme.

What better way to highlight all the happy changes in your home than adopting a brighter color scheme!

To make the space more vibrant without being too in your face, choose calmer colors such as seafoam green, pale yellow, and even bright white. Because it is the summer, take the chance to go for bolder accent colors—from pink to orange and green.

One great thing about choosing a color scheme that is fun but not overpowering is that even when the season changes, the colors will still be a great fit for your home. When done right, none of these shades will feel too dated or out of place.

Remodeling your home for the summer may not feel necessary, but it is a great way to make your space look more inviting. The more cheerful your living areas are, the happier your household will be spending the summer in your home.




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