Avoiding Water Damage Around Your Home: The Dos

water damange

Water connection is an activity that is carried out in all buildings before they are fit to be occupied. The reason is that water is essential for life and a very precious commodity. However, when the flow of water is distorted, it can lead to serious problems that might require a lot of money and time to resolve before activities come back to normalcy.

Clogged sewer lines

Sewer lines are drains that collect and channel wastewater away from a building. They should work efficiently by draining away the wastewater. When the pipes become clogged, the water comes back up and may drain into a building, causing water damage. There are companies in Park City, Utah, that offer sewer line cleaning services at affordable costs. Fat, oil, and grease that are poured into the drains can clog the pipes. The particles tend to solidify later on, adhering on the walls of the pipes and causing them to clog. Also, foreign objects such as stones and leaves may clog sewer pipes that have open parts.

It is beneficial to ensure that you don’t pour fat, oil, and grease into the pipes and cover parts of the sewer pipes that are left open. Also, consider flushing your drainage pipes with hot water periodically. The aim is to force out any adhered particles that might lead to future clogging.

Leaking pipes and gutters

leaking pipe

Pipes supply water into buildings. Leaks tend to result from excess pressure that allows the water to seep or gush out, increasing the chances of water damage. Leaking pipes are a serious cause of water damage, especially when they run behind wooden walls and partitions. A leak as small as it may seem should not be ignored as it may eventually result in devastating effects.

Gutters collect and drain rainwater from the roof of a building and direct it into storage tanks or drainage systems. Leaking gutters allow water to seep through them. The result is water damage as rainwater splashed onto the walls. Moreover, if the water pools near the foundation, it will cause serious damage through the development of cracks.

Malfunctioning household appliances

Old machines in your home could cause water damage. Examples are washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers. The pipes of old machines begin to rust and crack as their hoses weaken, causing water to seep through them. The leaking water can cause serious damage to your house and home appliances. The latter might especially be at risk of damage through short circuits. You may then be forced to incur unnecessary repair costs or purchase new appliances. It is, therefore, important to get your old machines serviced regularly.

Water damage is a nightmare that nobody would wish to encounter. It can damage your electronics, necessitating the purchase of new ones or expensive repairs. It could also cause damage to your house. Water damage may also result in the damage of essential documents. To avoid all that, it is important to take note of the causes of water damage and deal with them promptly.




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