Which Part in Your Home Do You Need to Clean Most Often?


When cleaning our homes, it’s not always possible to clean the entire place, including every single nook and crannies. More often, there are parts of the house that we often overlook and probably need cleaning as well. We will tackle that particular topic in this article. We will help you in determining the areas in your home that haven’t been cleaned for a while and badly needs cleaning. Check out the list below:

Blinds and drapes

Dust is everywhere, and it can quickly accumulate in almost anything, including your blinds. Take a look at the blinds of your house. It most probably has accumulated dust and other dirt particles. You can clean plastic or metal blinds by wiping it with a damp cloth and multi-purpose cleaner. To clean wooden blinds, you can simply use water-damp cloth. Fabric blinds, on the other hand, can be cleaned by wiping it using a microfiber cloth.

You can put drapes on the machine wash and hang it to dry. You can also do this for fabric shower curtains. Plastic ones can easily be cleaned through hand washing or by simply wiping it down.

Dryer vent

Dryer vents are also another most overlooked part of your home. Although most dryer owners really put an effort to clean their lint screen, it’s not enough because the said accessory can only trap 40% of the lint released from your laundry. So, to completely free your dryer vent, you need it’s best to hire professional dryer vent cleaning services in St. George.

Exercise and yoga mats

yoga mat

Every time you exercise, grime, oil, and sweat accumulate on your yoga mat. The fact that you roll it out onto different floors makes it filthy. Not to mention that other Yoga teachers won’t mind stepping into your mat to teach you the right moves and poses. Can you imagine how much dirt has already settled in your yoga mat, then you will do a facedown pose? This makes it extremely important to clean your mats after every use.

Dish brushes, dish rags, and dish sponges

According to a study published by Scientific Reports, dish rags, dish brushes, and dish sponges are generally the germiest items in our homes. You should change and replace them regularly. If you want to prolong the usefulness of these disposable brushes, you can give it a regular wash in the dishwasher. But you have to place the plastic brushes on top of the rack to prevent it from melting.

All the things mentioned above are just some of the things that badly need your attention when cleaning your homes. Most of the time, we only clean the mess that is visible to the naked eye. Our homes have lots of corners and crevices. It’s impossible to have them cleaned all at once. What’s important is at least have them cleaned at least once or twice a month.




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