When Should You Repair Your Asphalt Driveway?

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Asphalt is a popular paving material due to its durability. If you maintain your asphalt driveway properly, it will serve you for decades. Unfortunately, asphalt pavements don’t last forever. You may have to repair them occasionally to keep them in excellent working condition.

Your asphalt paving requires routine maintenance and repairs to remain safe, usable, and attractive. As such, it’s wise to determine when the time is right for asphalt repairs so that your pavement lasts longer than usual. Improper timing often results in severe damage that may require spending more to keep your driveway in great shape. These signs indicate the need to hire an asphalt repair company.


You can repair minor potholes on your asphalt pavement through basic maintenance like sopping up puddles to prevent these from eating into your asphalt. However, you may have to invest in asphalt repaving service if your parking lot has multiple potholes or when potholes grow. Notably, large potholes are risky because they damage cars, and they can cause personal injury to family members. To avoid injuries and damage to your vehicle, you may need to hire asphalt paving services in Salt Lake City to fix the problem.

Sticky sealant

You can efficiently deal with cracks when they appear on your asphalt parking lot by sealing them. However,  you may notice at some point that the sealant has begun getting stuck in vehicle tires.  This is an indication that the sealant is no longer useful. Therefore, you might have to repave your driveway to avoid further damage.

Drainage problems

Drainage problems develop on your asphalt path or parking lot when significant cracks develop and allow water to seep through the surface. Water that gets trapped within the driveway can cause problems, particularly due to freeze-thaw cycles that can cause fissures to appear or widen. Drainage issues with an asphalt driveway may also cause water to pool around houses or collect in giant puddles. The standing water results in permanent water damage if you don’t act immediately by hiring repair professionals. 

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Appearance of cracks

Often, cracks develop  when an asphalt driveway is aging. Cracks are an indication that you need to repair your asphalt pavement. You shouldn’t postpone repairs because cracks grow more extensive and ultimately form a layer that looks craggy and uneven, like the skin of an alligator. If you wait until this stage, you may have to replace the asphalt driveway in its entirety, which is expensive. You should call a contractor when you notice a crack on an asphalt pavement regardless of its size.

Faded pavement

Asphalt pavements should have a rich black color, but UV rays cause fading over time. Faded asphalt pavement may not always seem like a significant problem, but this is a sign of a larger underlying issue. For instance, UV rays weaken asphalt driveways, which makes them vulnerable to cracks and potholes. Therefore, if your parking lot has turned grey, indicating distress, you should call a contractor for replacement.

Your asphalt pavement may exhibit one or more of these signs if it needs replacing. If you are not sure of whether to repair or replace your asphalt pavement, call an expert to inspect and advise you accordingly. Early repair minimizes the risk of replacement, car damage, and major expenses.




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