Unusual Backyard Ideas to Make Yours Stand Out

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Since the Delta variant started making waves across the United States in the past few months, more U.S. Americans have decided to stay home to keep themselves and their families safe. People who decided to upgrade their homes had the right idea, after all. By creating more outdoor living spaces that provide fun and comfort, we no longer have to leave the safety of our homes to get some fresh air and find entertainment with our families.

Now is a good time to invest in your backyard and turn it into an escape—especially if staying home is our top priority. If you want to spruce up your backyard but want to do something more fun and offbeat, here are some unusual backyard design ideas to make yours different from the rest.

Non-traditional pool

Why not opt for a more fun design for your swimming pool? Instead of the traditional rectangle or round, why not try unexpected shapes or something like a sand pool which copies the look and feel of being on a beach? Consider opting for alternative acid for the swimming pool as well since it can help regulate your pool’s pH problems. This can make it safer for you and your family to soak in the water all day.

A colorful built-in seating wall

Another outdoor living space idea you can utilize is a square seating wall. Instead of using a neutral color palette, go for unexpected ones like a vibrant pink or a sunny yellow. If you are the type of homeowner who doesn’t mind offbeat designs, going non-traditional with your color choices might be a good idea since it will help you express your personality while giving you and your family a place to relax outdoors. You can also incorporate a fire pit in the middle to allow yourself some warmth during the cooler seasons.

Massive games and fitness spaces

If you have the space (and the budget!), why not incorporate some fun activities and games for the entire family? Here are some examples of designs you can explore:

  • Lifesize chess set to exercise your brain and your body
  • An elaborate obstacle course straight out of the TV show American Ninja Warrior
  • A zip line from your roof to your swimming pool
  • A backyard playground filled with swings, sandboxes, trampoline, and other obstacle courses you and your kids can play in
  • Exercise equipment that you and your family members often use

By adding more pieces that encourage you to move, your backyard can also become a space where you and your loved ones can remain fit, even as you stay home.

croquet equipment

Courtyard gardens

How about something straight out of a centuries-old European castle? If your home looks a bit on the vintage side, a beautifully landscaped courtyard can be just what you need to make you and your family feel like you have time-traveled to the Regency Era. You can have an ornamental garden that leads to a body of water like a pond, and you can also add some vintage outdoor furniture to complete the look.

Pergola covered with flowers

Another feature you can incorporate to set your landscape apart is a pergola covered with flowers like wisteria shades and lavender. You can place a set of furniture underneath it, making it the perfect spot for you, your family, and guests to relax during a hot afternoon or to feel like you’re dining al fresco, even when you’re home.

Offset pavers and stone steps

If your backyard is on the bigger side and there are still areas you don’t know how to decorate, why not add some stone steps and offset pavers? It’s a great way to have your backyard lead to another part of the house, like a maze or an organized procession that will allow the occupants to feel like they’re taking a walk in an arboretum or a garden that’s not their own.

You can achieve this by incorporating some offset pavers and stone steps, which you can strategically place beside your garden’s blooming flowers and bushes. Adding these steps will add structure to your garden, and it reveals the rest of your yard in interesting and unexpected ways.

Investing in your backyard can help you and your family feel less like you’re being suffocated while staying home because you will have an outlet to take in some fresh air and get away from the confines of your house without actually leaving. Think of your family’s main interests and habits and design your backyard around it, and you will be sure to make the most use out of your outdoor space.




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