Underrated Home Improvement Projects


Home improvement projects are not created equal. Some raise the value of your home. Some just make your everyday life a little easier. Some are very expensive to do. Some will require a few weekends to complete. Being a homeowner, you want to spend as little money and time as possible while still achieving a big impact. Whether it’s to make your home more beautiful or just to improve its living quality, here are some underrated home improvements that you should definitely look into.

Swapping Light kitchen with lots of lightsbulbs


This seemingly minor change can make your everyday life brighter – both in the figurative and literal sense. Most American houses still have the traditional incandescent lightbulbs installed. According to the Department of Energy, switching to LED lights won’t only make your rooms brighter, they also use 25 to 80 percent less energy. LED lights have also been found to last as much as 25 times longer than incandescent alternatives. These translate into real cost savings in the long run. There’s virtually no downside to making this switch.

Reclaimed Wood

If you’re in the market for new furniture, you may want to consider ones that are made from reclaimed wood. These pieces are sturdy and usually well-built. Their unique aesthetic automatically gives character to any room. According to Superior Hardwoods of Montana, you can even buy wide planks of wood for a range of different wood projects at home. Plus, it’s also one way of helping the environment.


Few people pay much attention to the quality of their flooring. Although hardwood floors have become quite popular in recent years, many homes have concrete or other surfaces. If you want to reinvigorate your concrete floors inside and outside your home, you can use a range of epoxy coating. They’ll give your floor new life. The metallic epoxy resin is particularly gorgeous because of how it plays with the light. These coatings don’t just look good, they also protect your surfaces from wear and traffic. You’ll be surprised by how noticeable and impactful this change can do to your home.

Solar Panels

It’s no secret that solar energy has been gaining traction in recent years. This also means that between the price drops and the still existing government rebates, it’s a great time to invest in a solar panel system. The initial cost can be an issue here, but this technology has never been cheaper and there are a lot of different payment options if you’re inclined. This is considered underrated because of how the technology will continue to grow and improve in the future. Not to mention of course, the most compelling reason to get this now is to become part of the solution against climate change.


Okay, this may not be that underrated in the sense that it’s one of the first things that pop into people’s minds when home improvement is discussed. However, it is underrated simply because most don’t realize just how much a new coat of paint can improve a room or a piece of furniture. It completely reinvents whatever you paint. This is also one of the reasons painting and repainting is on the list of things real estate agents advise sellers before putting their house on the market.

The next time you’re thinking about home improvement, try these underrated ones.




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