The Steps to Install Stucco

has won the hearts of many homeowners over the years because of its beauty, weather resistance, and affordability. You can also install it on various wall frames such as wood and metal. But for optimal results, you must follow certain installation steps as demonstrated in the video.

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Every locality has stipulated building codes directing wall assembly requirements. Check them out before installing stucco and adhere to them. Investigate the moisture requirement in your locality and follow the rules.

You will be required to use two layers of grade D building paper after the wall sheeting to create a waterproof stucco wall. Ensure the water-resistant building paper extends 16 inches around every corner. Afterward, cut to size all the trim accessories and install them. Then install the weep screeds as required by the code. They should sit along the bottom edges. The weeping screeds allow water that has entered through the wall to come out.

The next installation is the casing beads. They guide in maintaining the thickness of the stucco. Plus, it helps terminate stucco by the wall’s end in a neat way. Then place a galvanized metal netting over the entire surface. Use studs and galvanized nails to install the metal netting.

The control joints come next. Place them on the metal netting to create square wall panels. Then mix the stucco for the base and apply it using a square trowel. Exert pressure to force the stucco into place. Then use a Darby to make it even and allow it to cure for a day or two. Keep watering the surface as the stucco cures. Then apply the finished coat stucco. Use the right tools to form an even finish.





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