The Right Reception Area Design Can Attract the Right Customers

Reception area of building

Every day, you pass by the reception area or the office lobby. You barely notice that the paint is peeling or that the lights are too dim. They make the whole place look drab. You have passed through these walls too many times that you don’t notice how it looks in the eyes of a casual visitor. But what do you know? Several studies point out that the reception area of your place of business affects the way customers see your company.

If they are unimpressed by the wall cladding of your office, they may back out of doing business with you before you have the chance of impressing them. While not all businesses have the money to spend on the design of their lobbies, you can create an illusion of elegance and modernity with a few choice pieces of furniture. You don’t need to be an interior designer to know that sleek modern chairs make your office more professional-looking than large and fluffy sofas.

Clean and Spacious

Your reception area should be free of clutter. There should be no boxes of supplies sitting on top of each other at one corner. All the magazines should be tucked in a stand. The chairs should be clean and well-spaced. Although your reception area is small, you can place the furniture strategically, so the customers have ample space to move.

Line of Sight

The reception counter should be facing the entrance door. There should be no confusion to the customers as to where they should go when they enter the room. It should be clear to them where the reception counter is. The wall behind the reception area should have the name and logo of your company. Placing the reception counter in the line of sight of the customers also allow your receptionists to greet the customers as they arrive. This makes them feel valued.

If your reception area has bathrooms, elevators, and other common destinations, make sure that these are clearly marked. Your receptionist will get a respite from having to point the direction to your customers. They can focus on their other tasks if the customers don’t need help navigating your office.

Natural Light

Reception area of hotel

Get as much natural light in the lobby as possible. You can open up a wall and install glass instead. There are also a lot of bulbs that mimic daylight. You can experiment with them and see which gives off the kind of light that looks best for your reception area. But make a plan to open up the ceiling or a wall because there is no beating what natural light can bring to a room. Also, it will be great for the health of your employees to get sun exposure once in a while. Being cramped inside the office for too long may affect their physical and mental health.

The lobby or reception area sets the tone for your business. They must have a good experience staying there even for a second. The lobby must be designed in such a way that it not only impresses your audience but ensures that they’re making the right decision doing business with you.




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