6 Ways to Stylishly Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

kitchen renovation

The kitchen is one place in your home that needs continuous maintenance because of the different activities that go on in it. Moist and wetness is one factor to consider when you’re preparing food or washing dishes. Then there’s your cooking area which needs to be strategically positioned in your kitchen because of the heat it can produce. Renovating such a space while keeping it in style may seem like a lot of work and a lot of money.

But if you plan and work smart for this home project, you can definitely find the right design, techniques, and materials that will work for someone like you who’s on a budget. If you have pipes or sinks that need upgrades or repairs, you can look for a good plumbing service that can give you the best bang for your buck. Or you can reuse your appliances and other materials in your kitchen if they’re still sturdy and good enough.

There are more ways to work within your budget and still get the style you want. Check out these tips to get started:

Plan Carefully

This first tip is a no-brainer but is also the most important. All home renovation projects must be planned carefully no matter how big or small they are. Do you only plan on changing your countertop or do you want to rearrange your whole layout? Some projects may be small enough to do yourself and following a simple DIY video can help save you a lot of money.

But sometimes, a renovation can involve a lot of things that hiring a contractor is better than trying to play DIY-man with things you don’t really have knowledge about. Taking time to create a fool-proof plan is the best first step in kitchen renovation.

Revamp Furniture

There are many ways to upgrade your kitchen furniture without having to spend a lot. As long as your furniture is not worn out and is still strong enough to hold on to your walls or stand on your floors, go ahead and renew them. You can repaint your cabinets and storage pieces into a color that suits your new kitchen plan. Or you can totally redo your old-fashioned furniture and use wooden planks to cover them up and create a more modern-minimalist look. Most furniture revamps can be a DIY project and you know what that means.

Keep Your Layout


One of the smartest ways to stick to a budget during a renovation is by sticking to your current kitchen layout. Uprooting and moving your kitchen furniture and fixtures can cost tons of money because it involves redoing your floors, tiles, or walls. You can simply repaint parts of your kitchen, change your countertops, or remove your cupboard doors to create open storage. There are many simple ways to stylize your kitchen without having to go through all the meticulous work. All you’ll need are the right materials and your imagination.

Tile Smartly

Using tiles is a smart technique to inject a splash of color and style into a kitchen. And there are ways to get the style you want on a budget. You can use the backsplash to create an accent in your kitchen. By installing them only where they’re needed, you can save a lot of bucks on printed tiles. If you have a lot of time on your hands, why not re-tile your kitchen yourself? Or if you’re doing your walls, you can use tiles halfway up your walls and use wooden planks or a nice colored re-paint for the top half.

Go Thrift Shopping

There are more than just classic shoes, clothes, and bags at a thrift shop. Some of them also offer overstock or second-hand appliances and furniture that are still strong enough to use in a newly-renovated kitchen. Antique kitchen cabinets are well-built and sturdy because they’re usually made with heavy wood — perfect for a rustic renovation. There are also restores that could have the oven or coffeemaker you’ve always wanted. Use your resources to look for stores like these. There’s definitely one nearby.

Light Smart

Most people think that lighting up your kitchen from head to toe is a must to do everything you need to do efficiently. But in today’s modern design, it’s not. You can only use a strong light in places where it’s needed such as above your sink, stove, and counter. Using less light in other parts can help you save electricity and expenses on lighting fixtures.

If you found a vintage lamp at a thrift shop, rewire it to match your new design. Or you can use pendant lights for your focus areas. Not only are they cheaper but modern and minimalist as well.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can stay within your budget and still get the awesome stylish kitchen you’ve always wanted. Your imagination, resourcefulness, and creativity will be your best partners in achieving the modern kitchen you’ve always wanted. So, are you ready to start renovating?




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