Listen Up People, We Should Start Deep-cleaning Our Bathrooms!

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The home improvement trend has been seeing a significant resurgence these past few months. Since home prices are rising to new highs in conjunction with strong demand, it’s safe to expect more and more homeowners to jump on the bandwagon of bringing out the best of their houses amid this bullish market. In fact, we could even go as far as to say that those who aren’t investing in any form of renovation projects to appreciate their property value are certainly missing out on many potential gains.

However, one major cause for concern that we’ve spotted among newbie home enthusiasts and some veterans is how they put too much focus on renovations, extensions, and additions that they’ve become lackluster with their cleaning responsibilities. And if there’s one source to this nasty smell that we believe everyone is guilty of failing to clean up to an acceptable standard, then it’s time we start considering a bathroom deep-clean.

Why Do Bathrooms Get Dirty In The First Place?

Now, before you come ramming down our gates with pitchforks and torches, claiming that your bathroom is as clean as can be, allow us to remind everyone that a bathroom is naturally a filthy place. Sure, it’s where you come to wash off all the dirt and sweat you’ve accumulated throughout the day, but not all of that just magically gets sucked up into the drain because a lot of it manages to stay in plain sight.

  • Dirt And Grime Get Everywhere: Firstly, branching off of the fact that you wash inside the bathroom, all that dirt and grime get everywhere, from the easy-to-reach places to the small gaps in between. And regardless of the time we spend scrubbing the floors down or making sure no suds are left to loiter, every cleaning session doesn’t guarantee 100% spotless coverage.
  • The Perfect Environment For Germs: Secondly, given the humid and moist conditions, not to mention the already unrelenting summer heat, it’s just the perfect environment for germs to fester and grow into more dangerous things like mold. Of course, you’d probably catch a whiff of the musty smell before it spreads too far out, but it can remain hidden in places you’d least expect it to be.

Where Should You Look?

bathroom concept

Luckily enough, despite how scary and difficult we’ve made these cleaning issues out to be, they aren’t that hard to find if you know just where to look and how to address them in the most efficient ways possible. And, while in some instances, you’ll find it easier to get professional help or outright replace certain items, nothing can’t get done with a bit of elbow grease and effort.

#1 Anything The Hand Touches Is Suspect

Our hands go from one place to another, and they are extremely infamous for carrying germs, diseases, and many other things that you might not be aware of if not told sooner. Yes, if it’s a clean hand that touches the towel rack, faucet, and doorknob, then you’re pretty much safe, but who’s to say that these things were clean in the first place? So, be sure to double-check and wipe them down now and then to give you that peace of mind.

#2 Please Check For Smells Coming From The Sink

You’ll be surprised by the things that get in your sink, from long locks of hair that managed to bundle up really well to food particles from that bad take-out; it can get pretty nasty if left unchecked. And while you might think a clogged sink will start to smell foul, the aroma of shampoos, conditioner, and soap might mask it during the initial stages until it’s become a major issue. So, take a good peek inside because who knows when’s the last time the bathroom sink was unclogged and given a refresh.

#3 The Showerhead And Its Secrets

We all enjoy taking showers; they’re fast and efficient, making them the perfect go-to every morning for the busybody. However, despite their advantages and being the one bathroom feature that dispenses our water needs, it’s not as clean as you’d think it to be. In fact, since not a lot of people bother to check inside the showerhead, you might already have a bigger problem than you’d have realized. So, we strongly recommend preparing yourself beforehand because the truth might be too shocking to handle.

#4 Older Features That Need To Go

If your bathroom is a bit outdated and in desperate need of a makeover, then we strongly recommend that you let the older features go as they might’ve already met the end of their useful life. Sure, you could opt to refurbish and clean them as much as you can, but some appliances and bathroom features don’t get to last very long, given the environment. For example, you’re better off getting brand-new shower doors as opposed to cleaning those five-year-old ones that have seen way better days.

Let Your Bathroom Shine!

We’re all for the hype that’s building around home improvement, but we shouldn’t let the bandwagon effect blind us from our cleaning responsibilities. So, feel free to configure the advice mentioned above to your needs and get started on that bathroom deep-clean ASAP!




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