Staircase Decisions: Choosing the Best for Your House

White floating staircase design with the wooden background.

The staircase is one of the many integral parts of your home that shouldn’t be neglected. The type of your stairs depends on the theme of your interiors. It can be simple or ornate, but overall, it should be sturdy and safe enough for everybody living in the house. For example, you can install a wrought iron stair railing in your Beverly Hills mansion if you’re more into a traditional and elaborate look. Here are some of staircase types you can look at:

1. A straight staircase is your safe bet if you’re into simplicity. It’s also one of the most affordable. The vertical parts of the staircase can be bought from lumber yards or home stores. Builders who rely on simplicity build this kind of staircase. Some of the variety of staircases include modern materials, metal cable railings, and open risers. These materials alter the look of the staircase in a way.

2. Another kind of a straight staircase is the one that has a central landing. A room with a high ceiling needs more than 12 feet high to have a central landing. This is the same for staircases that have more than 16 risers.

3. The L-shaped stair is another kind of a common staircase. The only difference between a straight staircase and this one is the turn. The turn can be in the middle or at the end. It’s also considered appealing to the eyes.

4. If you want something more attractive, choose a U-shaped staircase. This staircase has “two flights of stairs.” The two go the opposite from each other, then have a landing located at the switchback. This style is advisable if you have small linear floor space. It’s also advisable for corner spots.

5. A winder staircase has some similarities with an L-shaped one. The only difference is that the winder staircase doesn’t have a landing. It’s common to see these in older homes, but not so much in modern ones. The winder staircase is mostly used as a second stair at home.

6. The spiral staircase can mostly be found in beach houses or smaller houses. This is because this type of stairs only has one central post where all the steps are attached. It’s a space-saver. It can be quite hard to navigate this stair because of its compact nature. Because of that, some municipalities advice that it be used only as a secondary staircase.

spiral staircase in a hotel7. A circular staircase is considered a traditional kind of stairs. It’s almost the same as spiral staircases, but it’s easier to navigate. These kinds of staircases are common in medieval castles. It’s sometimes called helix stairs.

8. Last in the list is the curved stairs. This kind of staircase is common in entryways and can be a focal point. It’s different from the spiral and circular staircases because it doesn’t have a circle. Yet, it’s easy to navigate and an elegant feature of any home. Builders also consider this difficult to construct and the most expensive.

You should put into much consideration which kind of staircase you want to have in your house. It depends on the size of your floor area, your needs, and interests. Choose a style that is right for your house.




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